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an enemy who lays siege to your position

an energetic petitioner

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Within but little more than an hour from the moment the victorious Zodangan squadron had risen to meet us from the camp of the besiegers the battle was over, and the remaining vessels of the conquered Zodangans were headed toward the cities of Helium under prize crews.
From his upturned mouth there issued a series of frightful shrieks; uncanny shrieks that swept, shrill and terrifying, across the city's walls, over the heads of the besiegers, and out across the forest to the uttermost confines of the valley.
It was then that I discovered numerous flags and pennants floating above the army of the besiegers.
Not only could any of them easily outdistance the U-33, but the further upstream we progressed the greater the number of our besiegers, until fearful of navigating a strange river at high speed, I gave orders to reduce and moved slowly and majestically through the plunging, hissing mass.
There are two rivers which run through the meadows, and between them lie the tents of the besiegers.
The besiegers being now in complete possession of the house, spread themselves over it from garret to cellar, and plied their demon labours fiercely.
Pickwick a few seconds before, were drawn up to repel the mimic attack of the sham besiegers of the citadel; and the consequence was that Mr.
said the stout gentleman, when the citadel was taken, and the besiegers and besieged sat down to dinner.
Its defenders, fearless guerrilla fighters one and all, realize that, since they are blockaded by land, sea and air, sieges are by definition a violent test of ingenuity between a well-armed, technologically advanced besieger and the besieged, in this case citizen soldiers dependent on the weapon of the weak - imagination and guile.
Evidently, sustaining the inner strength of his people by singing the song of common humanity of both the besieged and the besieger is the ultimate Darwishian way of fighting against the forces of darkness.
Mubarak's regime is a willing tool of Zionism and imperialism, a besieger of Palestinians.
According to Diodoros, it was somewhere near there, where in 306BC the Macedonian Demetrios the Besieger defeated Ptolemy of Egypt, in one of the largest naval engagements of antiquity.
And in Spain, the nation that all too frequently took on the role of Imperial besieger, victorious sieges were reworked for the stage.
At the tender age of 17, she became the first British pianist to perform Rachmaninov's infamously difficult Third Piano Concerto, but her most celebrated association was with Medtner, who called her 'the bravest and ablest besieger of my musical fortresses'.
Players can create their own ships which can be crewed by multiple parties where each player has a distinct role, from navigator and helmsman to gunner and besieger.