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a prolonged surrounding of an objective by hostile troops

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46) The sense of besiegement from external powers along the massive Russian frontier, comprising borders with fourteen states and stretching from Norway to North Korea, has undoubtedly contributed to the project of bolstering the state and centralising the power in the internal dimension.
And here is Israel as well, behaving with the arrogance of the unafraid and the superior which - despite that fact - lies in the mentality of fear and besiegement.
This book provides a magnificent feast of historical detail and literary discussion, but what raises it to an even higher level is the author's sensitivity to the relevance of his material to the besiegement of ecumenical irenicism by the forces of imperialism and fundamentalism today.
prone to a constant sense of besiegement and panic, and punitive and self-righteous.
Emma Rich and John Evans' "Re-reading Voice: Young Women, Anorexia and Performative Education" points to the besiegement of state-mediated messages upon today's young women, which have lead to, as they say, "a moral panic" regarding an "obesity epidemic", where "schools have been subjected to a barrage of initiatives and policies, steeped in performance outcomes and targets, in an effort to regulate young people's bodies.
Its townspeople tended toward Puritanism after the English Reformation, and in 1644 Anti-Royalist Lyme withstood a two-months' besiegement by Prince Maurice and the Royalist forces.
It is hoped that through massive military action, besiegement, and assassination of key Palestinian civil and political leaders, it can force the Palestinians into submission.
Holed up alone in the Lesny Hotel, with only the lashing rain against the windows for company, England worked themselves into a mood of besiegement.
Israel's attacks and military offensives, settlement building, illegal land confiscation, besiegement, the restriction of free mobility for people and goods and arbitrary arrests continue relentlessly on occupied land, he said.