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a prolonged surrounding of an objective by hostile troops

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He said the punishment of civilians through besiegement tactics must stop immediately and placed the primary responsibility on the party who maintains the siege, and routinely and systematically denies people the basic necessities of life and freedom of movement.
Gaza, on the other hand, stood as a model for barbarity, regularly meted out by Israel as a reminder to those in the West Bank that the price of revolt is besiegement, hunger, destruction and death.
Likewise, my offering accommodation to these Muslim 'migrants' and to encourage their besiegement of our country and the unwarranted plundering of its resources is ridiculous.
Zaman journalist Zeyneb KarataE- spoke to Daily News Egypt from the building during its besiegement by the Turkish police.
The groups are also calling on governments to address vital issues within Syria, such as indiscriminate attacks, besiegement and the denial of humanitarian access.
The continued assault by Syrian regime forces, enabled by Russian air strikes, against opposition-held areas, as well as regime and allied militias' continued besiegement of hundreds of thousands of civilians, have clearly signaled the intention to seek a military solution rather than enable a political one," Kerry said in a statement.
Much of Sanchez's writing is concerned with attempts at breaking out from the severe constraints of a colonial experience that is above all under siege, (14) a besiegement so severe that his protagonists suffer both psychological and physical claustrophobias.
Second, the sense of besiegement felt in Muslim societies since the fall of the Ottoman Empire has discouraged public criticism among Muslims of any aspect of culture their society has already labeled Islamic.
The Israeli operation led to the killing of hundreds of Palestinians, the reoccupation of major Palestinian towns, the destruction of Arafat's headquarters in Ramallah, and the subsequent besiegement of the Palestinian leader in his barely standing office.
Harris reads the letters of Lady Brilliana Harley, written during the royalist besiegement of her home at Brampton Bryan in 1643, as 'acts of war' (p.
He, along with Palestinian, Israeli and international peace activists, protested the besiegement of Nabi Saleh by the illegal Jewish settlement of Halamish.
46) The sense of besiegement from external powers along the massive Russian frontier, comprising borders with fourteen states and stretching from Norway to North Korea, has undoubtedly contributed to the project of bolstering the state and centralising the power in the internal dimension.
And here is Israel as well, behaving with the arrogance of the unafraid and the superior which - despite that fact - lies in the mentality of fear and besiegement.
The bunker' is both a physical site as well as an appropriate metaphor for the prevailing sense of besiegement and vulnerability that is felt by communities in the border provinces.
This book provides a magnificent feast of historical detail and literary discussion, but what raises it to an even higher level is the author's sensitivity to the relevance of his material to the besiegement of ecumenical irenicism by the forces of imperialism and fundamentalism today.