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Calantha had finally responded to Penthea's insistence on her own impending death, not only with tears, but also with mistakably misogynist construction of those tears: "Now, beshrew try sadness.
Pero al mismo tiempo es criticado en diversas ocasiones, especialmente por su gusto por la comida y las mujeres: "Or I, beshrew my heart, for I fear fatness,/The fog of fatness, as I fear a dragon,/ The comeliness I wish for that's as glorious" (5.
Beshrew you for it, you have put it in me: The parlosest old men, that ere I heard.
The other occurs, significantly, in his conversation with Katherine; he declares: "Now beshrew my father's ambition
Long was I lady Lucke your serving man, And now have lost agayne all that I gat, Wherfore whan I thinke on you now and than, And in my mynde remember this and that, Ye may not blame me though I beshrew your cat, But in fayth I blesse you agayne a thousand times, For lending me now some laysure to make rymes.