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  • verb

Synonyms for beseem

to be appropriate or suitable to

Synonyms for beseem

accord or comport with

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As the holder of an office, a magistrate could exercise a limited judgment, but only in compliance with the orders of his supe rior: it is better "for the Commonweale, and more beseeming the dignitie of the magistrate of himself to give up his office.
Piggot, according to a contemporary account, delivered a caustic "invective against the Scots and Scottish nation; using words of scandal and obloquy, ill beseeming such an audience, and not pertinent to the matter in hand.
For throwing and wrestling, I hold them exercises not so well beseeming nobility, but rather soldiers in a camp or a prince's guard.
15th, at 3:15 in the early lovely morning, born to the sounds of my 8mm camera (I work in that less expensive medium almost entirely now, being now more "amateur" than ever) and Bach harpsichord music from our portable phonograph smuggled into the hospital; and he was born as gently as the moon from clouds, Jane easily delivering and in complete control, and born flowing long (2 inch) black hair, looking on the world from gray-green eyes, intense centered expression softening into lines of beseeming sensitivity, a down covered body of some 7 lbs.
By "legal" I mean that those "aberrations" of new musical order must conform to the known as surely as the surprisin g variations of glass in rippling water conform to the known glass under water (to borrow an Ezra Pound metaphor): variables, each rip and twist of glass-form must seem inevitable in the beseeming infinity of torqued rippling.