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  • verb

Synonyms for beseem

to be appropriate or suitable to

Synonyms for beseem

accord or comport with

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Responding to the question whether as a party SDSM is trying to play the patriotism card, even more than VMRO-DPMNE in certain situations, Zaev said that "they have tried to play that card several times but this does not beseem SDSM .
In his review of Owen Wister's The Virginian (1902), Theodore Roosevelt praised the hyper-masculine western hero who exhibited "the great virile virtues--the virtues of courage, energy and daring; the virtues which beseem a masterful race--a race fit to fell the forests, to build roads, to found commonwealths, to conquer continents, to overthrow armed enemies" (in Faragher 2000: xii).
Roosevelt celebrated "the great virile virtues, the virtues of courage, energy and daring: the virtues which beseem a masterful race--a race fit to fell the forest, to build roads, to found commonwealths, to conquer continents, to overthrow armed enemies.
In "State Forms and Male Genders" are: Edward Muir, "The Double Binds of Manly Revenge in Renaissance Italy"; Carlin Barton, "All Things Beseem the Victor: Paradoxes of Masculinity in Early Imperial Rome"; and Linda L.
Velinovska reminds of Zaev's past statements that his party would eat people alive, that they would politicize the country, that we should concede in the name dispute, that patriotism does not beseem SDSM, that the defenders and Albanian NLA fighters should enjoy the same status etc and wonders how he can be called responsible and reasonable.
163 [phrase omitted] Clever talk and imposing countenance, 164 [phrase omitted] knowing how to move humbly and deferentially, 165 [phrase omitted] this ill beseems benevolence
Sad pause and deep regard beseems the sage; My part is youth, and beats this from the stage.
Give me their bodies that I may bear them hence And give them burial as beseems their worth.
It ill beseems this presence to cry aim To these ill-tuned repetitions.
9-11), said that Lancelot worships Guinevere, and some of his fellow knights worship him and Guinevere, because it more beseems them "To worship woman as true wife beyond / All hopes of gaining, than as maiden girl" (ll.
If The Castle of Indolence champions Industry, Thomson's verse-portrait enlists the poet among the idle: "A Bard here dwelt, more fat than Bard beseems," etc.
Thou wilt bring me soon To that new world of light and bliss, among The gods who live at ease, where I shall reign At thy right hand voluptuous, as beseems Thy daughter and thy darling, without end.
nor with all sorts of men; it ill beseems a Mechannick to play the Orator; that urbanity which becomes a Citizen, would relish of too much curiosity in a Countreyman; and that Complement which gives proper grace to a Courtier, would cause derision if presented by a Merchant or a Factor.
In terms of an analysis based purely on the morality of aspiration, a morally reprehensible man is one who fails "to realize his fullest capabilities" (21) and is culpable, not for failing to meet his societal obligations, but for failure to comport with "the conception of proper and fitting conduct, conduct such as beseems a human being functioning at his best.
Also, "Ye young men, let not your thoughts mount higher than beseems a mortal; there are such things as hairs.