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The old King looked at the little Fairy, and saw how lovingly the bright shadows gathered round her, as if to shield her from every harm; the timid birds nestled in her bosom, and the flowers grew fairer as she looked upon them; while her gentle friends, with tears in their bright eyes, folded their hands beseechingly, and smiled on her.
Some who had more wits than they knew what to do with; runaway slaves with plantation manners, who listened from time to time, like the fox in the fable, as if they heard the hounds a-baying on their track, and looked at me beseechingly, as much as to say, --
Tulliver, beseechingly, "and the sugar-tongs the first things ever I bought.
She gazes beseechingly or fearfully at the viewer, and represents one pole of the dialectic between freedom and fragility that this Asheville-based artist proposes.
the legend, as she smiled beseechingly out at passers-by.
Among the visual scenes stored in my memory is the moment when Mom looked up beseechingly into the eyes of her revered doctor after he gently delivered his prognosis on a Friday afternoon: "Are you saying .
Kelly turns to look at Barrows beseechingly and Barrows propels him down the iron stairs as the inmates below laugh derisively.
My father had warned me that Stein sought out relationships where he could be in absolute control, and it seemed true: He, Stein, couldn't quite conceal the pleasure he took in helping me and Ward out; generally he came off as beseechingly abrasive, a rough sponge that left more grime than it cleared away.
Abe bhe in as si aw siw AS players looked beseechingly to the heavens, faces contorted in agonised compassion, as fans fell sickeningly silent, realising the awful enormity of the situation that this wonderful game of ours is just that .
11) He has converted the passive supplicant of his predecessors into a forceful advocate for the city of Palermo, kneeling just left of centre and gazing beseechingly at the Madonna and Trinity while she gestures toward the main lazaretto, harbour and Monte Pellegrino.
Sealed into that crushing objecthood, I turned beseechingly to others .
Lonely trees, standing empty and b a re , Hold out their branches, beseechingly, For a share of the silver bounty, Concealing unsightly places e v e r y w h e re.
She was left to brave yesterday's bash alone, gamely clapping the winners, tucking into her solo lunch and smiling beseechingly at any friendly soul who looked her way.
Although certain moments suggest drama, such as when the Waltz Girl reaches up almost beseechingly to her partner and the Dark Angel hovers over them both, or the closing tableau when two parallel lines of women bourree in place and lift their arms in unison as though prompting the Waltz Girl's slow, arched ascent, it is up to the viewers to create their own interpretation.