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Incidentally, before sending her tweet, the 26-year-old actress re-tweeted a message from the Red Cross beseeching followers to review family emergency plans.
I did that all through June, July, and August, spending hour after hour beseeching the Lord.
ISLAMABAD, July 18, 2011 (Frontier Star): PML-N leader, Siddiqui-al-Farooq has said that Benazir Bhutto had gone into exiles during 1978 and 1998 after discreetly beseeching pardons from Gen Zia-ul-Haq's and Mian Nawaz Sharif respectively.
Soaking wet, drops of water clinging to her eyelashes, Her bedraggled hair, Her drenched clothes clinging to her, Her eyes beseeching me, I called out to her to bring her home with forgiveness In my heart, She disappeared into shadows of inky darkness, It was as if she swelled in shadow, My heartbeat overpowered my mind, For love was not enough, I lay in darkness, in a house that was once a home, A house of dreams, Yet I could not turn back the clock, nor turn my nightly Dream into my wished for reality
It seemed that no amount of prayers or beseeching God, or even letters to the council could alter this bone jarring tooth rattling situation.
When possible, we can offer physical help and we can all pray - beseeching God to help those for whom life is so unfair.
In other words, every time we say the Our Father, we are beseeching God to make life on Earth exactly the same as we believe it to be in Heaven, where love and respect for each other and peace and harmony continuously permeate every single aspect of everyday life.
Beseeching you also that if I have offended you, you will give me the same absolution for which you ask; henceforth my heart will be dedicated to you alone, and wishing that my body was so too.
Families of victims gathered at the gutted, charred club to take part in Buddhist prayers, beseeching the spirits of the dead to make their way back home.
Scholars and community activists called for more research on cooperatives in response to a Department of Agriculture hearing in September, beseeching officials to study urban and worker-owned co-ops among different racial groups.
In the strongest possible terms, YHWH is portrayed in Isaiah 65:1-9 as willing and beseeching, waiting patiently for the people to turn toward what is good.
On behalf of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, ordained and lay, I assure you of our ceaseless prayers for you and all your people, calling upon Almighty God to comfort the hearts of the bereaved for the loss of their dear ones and beseeching him to heal all the injured in body, mind or spirit.
Such a miracle may be given but sometimes the answer which we receive from our silent beseeching to the God we may just hope is there is a deep trust in his mercy.
1 New York Times beseeching the world to make the 21st century nuclear weapons free, asked U.
The women of Atocha prayed to Our Lady of Atocha in the church, beseeching the aid of the child in her arms.