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They were making a short berth, towing the anchor under their foot to save trouble.
The berths, upper and lower, on the opposite side had already been made up by the porter.
He pestered me coming here every day for a fortnight till a captain I'm acquainted with was good enough to give him a berth.
I wondered what he was driving at till I remembered that procuring a berth for a sailor is a penal offence under the Act.
I swung my legs over the side of my berth and sat forward, as he was sitting, all attention.
He said that he had booked two berths to Naples, that we were bound for Capri, which was clearly the island of the Lotos-eaters, that we would bask there together, "and for a while forget.
The captain, in his zeal for the health and cleanliness of his ship, would make sweeping visitations to the "lubber nests" of the unlucky "voyageurs" and their companions in misery, ferret them out of their berths, make them air and wash themselves and their accoutrements, and oblige them to stir about briskly and take exercise.
On one side of the principal room are the sleeping berths and the fire-place.
The option ship is priced at EUR 166,667 per berth, or approximately $213,000 per berth at today's exchange rate.
Berth occupancy was 45% at the Port on Friday where total number of five ships namely MV.
Berth occupancy was 35% at the Port Qasim on Tuesday where total number of four ships namely MV.
Won't mind if I don't get a Cabinet berth," Banerjee said after attending the meeting of the pre-poll allies of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) here.
All advanced to the quarterfinals and can claim a berth at next week's state meet in Bakersfield with wins in their opening matches today.
The monthly berth fee of more than $500 has led to cutbacks in programs and less financial assistance for kids from poor families.
KARACHI, February 29, 2012 (Frontier Star): Shipping activity remained active at the Port Qasim during last 24 hours, where a ship carrying chemical was allotted berth at Engro Vopak Terminal Monday 27th February, 2012.