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resembling a berry


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Western juniper Grosbeaks and waxwings enjoy the berrylike cones, and the needles provide excellent cover for robins, sparrows and juncos.
Evergreen shrubs or small trees; leaves four-ranked, opposite or whorled, needlelike or scalelike, 1-70 mm long; pollen cones terminal, spherical to oblong, simple (terminal panicles in Taxodium), solitary (rarely in clusters of 2-5); ovulate cones 3-50 mm long, berrylike or woody; seeds not winged or with 1-3 symmetrical or asymmetrical wings.
They collected more of the trees' leaves, wood, flowers, and berrylike fruits, which have been sent to researchers around the world.
PINEAPPLES : Look For: Bright color, fragrant pineapple odor, and a very slight separation of the eyes--the berrylike fruitlets patterned in a spiral on the skin.
The less numerous greenish female flowers are hidden behind the base of the leaves, and after they are fertilized turn into scarlet, berrylike fruit eaten by birds.
The presence of numerous relatively large (>50 cells) balls of cells with berrylike external contours is characteristic of MM.
Manzanita's berrylike fruits attract a variety of birds.
Of these, 'Tarocco' is sweeter, juicier, and easier to peel, while 'Sanguinelli' (at left), has more intense rind color and berrylike flavor.
Blandly berrylike White Zinfandel and Zinfandel Rose tend to show r.
All have needle-like foliage and fleshy, berrylike cones.