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avitaminosis caused by lack of thiamine (vitamin B1)

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About 15 years later a Dutch physician in the East Indies, Christiaan Eijkman, noted that chickens fed mostly polished rice also contracted beriberi but recovered when fed rice polishings.
Recently researchers have become convinced that the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables do more than just prevent deficiency diseases for instance beriberi or rickets.
The severe lacticacidosis of thiamine deficiency: acute pernicious or fulminating beriberi.
The best known manifestation of thiamine deficiency is beriberi, a neurological and cardiovascular disease.
Although most Western diets are sufficient to prevent vitamin deficiency diseases such as scurvy, pellagra, beriberi and rickets, studies indicate that a large proportion of adults and children fall short of the appropriate levels of many vitamins and minerals.
Milled peasant fashion, it is a better source of protein than wheat, and has the added benefit of preventing beriberi.
It was there that a fourth Raider, Lieutenant Robert Meder, died of beriberi and starvation.
Prisoners were often suffering from common cold, respiratory infection, beriberi, diarrhoea, skin disease and tuberculosis.
By 1 January 1944, scores of Canadians had suffered the painful horror of electric feet," and west beriberi, and had gone blind from amivitroouses.
Historically, there are known relationships between some nutrients and disease processes, including scurvy and vitamin C, beriberi and vitamin B, vision-related disease and vitamin A, anemia and iron, and osteoporosis and calcium.
Explain a link between a popular male Welsh first name and a drug used in the treatment of beriberi.
Already suffering from dysentery, malaria and beriberi, he was struck down with cholera in early 1944 when, amazingly, he was sent to hospital as he was such a good worker.
Nutritional deficiency leads to diseases like endemic goiter, anemia, pellagra and beriberi.
The level of care was deplorable in both, but Bilek was on Sick Side until July 1943, suffering from beriberi.