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avitaminosis caused by lack of thiamine (vitamin B1)

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In the midst of overcoming the problems caused by hunger, malnutrition and extreme poverty, the outbreak of beriberi in the state of Maranhao from 2006-2008 left the scientific community perplexed because it was a case of a primary deficiency of vitamin B1 (thiamin) in the midst of a technological era.
It was extremely dangerous and the men, ill, starving, feverish, exhausted with dysentery, beriberi and tropical ulcers, were marched from camp to camp.
H--The severe lactic acidosis of thiamine deficiency-acute pernicious or fulminating beriberi.
A thiamin deficiency can lead to a condition known as beriberi.
8 percent of migrants who embark on such perilous journeys suffer from beriberi, which is a thiamine deficiency.
They were intended to reflect the best scientific judgment on nutrient allowances for the maintenance of good health and to serve as the basis for evaluating the adequacy of diets and preventing diseases linked to nutritional deficiencies, such as rickets, scurvy, beriberi, pellagra, and goiter.
Its fruits can control gastrointestinal bleeding in the stomach, fight cholesterol, fever and inflammation, and prevent cough, beriberi and scurvy.
All I remember of VJ day is the account of my grandmother going to Huddersfield Railway Station to meet her 25-year-old son - a Japanese prisoner of war - only to be told by one of his comrades he had died of Beriberi a month earlier.
Antioxidants and vitamin supplementation does not prevent CVD except thiamine for Beriberi.
Anthony have attracted attention for studies of specific diseases in the period, the Spanish flu and beriberi.
In developing countries, vitamin deficiencies cause an appalling array of diseases, such as beriberi (caused by a lack of thiamin) or blindness, from vitamin A deficiency.
Apart from Kees van Dijk's and Jean Taylor's excellent chapters on soap and bathing, there is a chapter each on beriberi in Bangka and C.
Her legs and arms puffed with fluid, symptoms of beriberi, she was weak, short of breath and with a fever of 106, Tyson said.