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any plant of the genus Bergenia

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At least the bergenias won't mind, as they prefer shady conditions.
You know you've got it when those tell-tale snicks appear in the leaf margins of plants such as rhododendrons, hydrangeas, bergenias and, above all, primulas.
GARDEN STUNNERS: Statement plants such as Kniphofia (Red Hot Pokers) left, Bergenia (Elephant Ears) top, and Fatsia japonica, above, can make a real difference to the structure of your garden
Look out for the following cultivars at your local garden centre over the next few weeks: Bergenia 'Ballawley' with its bronze-purple winter foliage and red spring flowers; B.
The Bergenia,above,makes excellent permanent edging while the spiky leaved small bell-shaped flowers of the Erica, left,in shades of purple through to white,provide a much-needed splash of colour in rockeries,containers and borders at this time of year
This soft combination of pastel pinks is the perfect partner for Elephant's Ears, Bergenia Purpurescens.
You grow Bergenia mostly for their leaves, but remember that they have striking flower spikes as well.
Lady's mantle (Alchemilla), Japanese anemone, false spiraea (Astilbe), bergenia, Brunnera macrophylla, bellflower (Campanula), bleeding heart (Dicentra), hellebore, coral bells (Heuchera), dead nettle (Lamium)
Sweet violets, pulmonaria (lung-worts) such as the white-flowered "Sissinghurst", Bugle (Ajuga reptans "Bur-gundy Glow"), Lysimachia nummularia (Creeping Jenny), Lily-of-the-valley, Lamium "White nancy" and Lamium "Silver Beacon", Bergenia (pictured left).
Expert tip A woodland setting is perfect for growing shade-loving ground-hugging plants such bergenia, heuchera, epimedium, hosta, lamium, tiarella, violets, lungwort and vinca or periwinkle.
On a smaller and less invasive scale the plant that is commonly known as Elephant's Ears, Bergenia, can give even a small garden a powerful highlight, particularly if you choose varieties with reddening winter foliage, such as B.
1 From left: Acanthus is Bear's Breeches; bergenia is Elephant's Ears, and the pansy variety is Tiger Eyes.
The best kinds for gardens include: l Bergenia cordifolia, 45cm (18in) tall with pink flowers from March, and its variety `Purpurea,' with purple blooms.
Or any Bergenia should resist bad conditions or pest attack.