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deprive through death

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In some manner he had learned of my own sad bereavement, and his sympathy was shown in his manner rather than in his words.
The door of the house in the Cromwell Road opened; gloomy vistas of passage and staircase were revealed; such light as there was seemed to be concentrated upon a silver salver of visiting-cards, whose black borders suggested that the widow's friends had all suffered the same bereavement.
Our kind neighbours lamented that she, once so exalted in wealth and station, should be reduced to such extremity in her time of sorrow; but I am persuaded that she would have suffered thrice as much had she been left in affluence, with liberty to remain in that house, the scene of her early happiness and late affliction, and no stern necessity to prevent her from incessantly brooding over and lamenting her bereavement.
The world was at least ignorant of its bereavement, while to me it was a real and terrible actuality.
That I should ever win the opposite slopes of the range I began to doubt, for though I am naturally sanguine, I imagine that the bereavement which had befallen me had cast such a gloom over my spirits that I could see no slightest ray of hope for the future.
And then in Monsieur Thuran's loss, if they are lost, you would suffer a severe bereavement," he ventured.
While the mother-whale expressing her bereavement in terms of violence and destruction, was withdrawing the necessary distance for another charge, all hands of the Mary Turner gathered about the starboard boat swung outboard ready for lowering.
His sister informed inquiring friends that she accompanied him, in the hope of finding consolation in change of scene after the bereavement that had fallen on her.
Again, when his grief under his bereavement completely overwhelmed him, he was triumphing in secret, and acting a part
The marriage is to be solemnized on the scene of my bereavement.
She had never known anyone like her; her friends had hitherto been wholesome, normal, merry girls like herself, with only the average trials of human care and bereavement to shadow their girlish dreams.
There are few days in which the widow does not mention her loss; she always speaks of it with tears, and her grief is as deep after ten days of sorrow as on the morning after her bereavement.
It's really easier to face bereavement, dishonor, and the perdition of one's soul--than this kind of prolonged hunger.
But she had been a person to him, and the unbearable pathos of details and habit stabbed him with all the small daggers of bereavement.
It is like a bereavement to hear you speak of going away and remaining away.