bereaved person

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a person who has suffered the death of someone they loved

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Be alarmed if the bereaved person |doesn't want to talk or demonstrates anger.
For example, a bereaved person typically experiences a range of cognitive impairments during the weeks immediately following a death.
Although there is limited empirical research to support the efficacy of a given theory or model of grief counseling over another, Currier, Neimeyer, and Berman's (2008) meta-analysis of studies in grief counseling does indicate that therapeutic interventions are helpful for the bereaved person.
No matter how awkward you may feel in the company of a bereaved person, never avoid them to escape from their reality.
If a bereaved person is experiencing symptoms of a heart attack, they shouldn't ignore it and put it down to the fact that they're dealing with a stressful experience," she warned.
Major questions emerge for a traumatically bereaved person about:
and one bereaved person claiming workplace asbestos caused diseases.
Although, in Western society, we expect that within a few days or weeks the bereaved person should" get back into the swing of things" (Monk, Houck, & Shear, 2006), typically a long process of change lies ahead.
No one can tell a bereaved person it is time to move on but we can help show them there is a future despite widowhood.
One bereaved person says: "There was so much stuff in my mother's house and I had to fill 17 black bags just to get across the sitting room floor.
Seven participants discussed the need to fill the void of the loss with something appropriate to the spiritual development and life stage of the bereaved person.
In the latest case, in Stoke the GMC ruled Southall's actions were "inappropriate, added to the distress of a bereaved person and were an abuse of his professional position".
The month-long investigation will inquire into allegations that Prof Southall, who denies any wrongdoing, acted in a way which was inappropriate and added to the distress of a bereaved person.
State specific things that you will do and ask the bereaved person to make some choices.