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a quiet song intended to lull a child to sleep

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It differs from the estimate of personal income in the national income and product accounts berceuse of differences in coverage, in the methodologies used to prepare the estimates, and in the timing of the availability of source data.
Muse - Struck by the color and surreal perspective of Vincent van Gogh's La Berceuse, Jim Ryan created a visually stunning and delicious cocktail.
Things begin with the more familiar material, La Mer, Three Nocturnes, and Prelude a l'apres-midi d'un faune on disc one, along with Berceuse heroique and Musiques pour Le Roi Lear.
For in the scene in which Ennis embraces Jack from behind and rocks him in his arms (a heart-rending flashback to the mountain at the end of film and story alike), one is reminded of the moment in Swan Lake when Siegfried folds Odette in his arms, and rocks her back and forth, infusing their passion with all the tenderness of a berceuse.
Lullaby Berceuse story and songs by Connie Kaldor and Carmen Campagne illustrated by Brian Deines (La Montagne Secrete)
Offering a tracklist of All Through The Night (3:36), Prairie Lullaby (2:50), Lullaby, Lullaby (3:12), I Have You (2:31), Dream Baby L'elefant des Reves (4:35), I've Been Told (1:17), Hushaby (3:12), Bonne nuit (2:36), La poulette grise (2:44), Petit bebe (2:25), Maman fait dodo (3:38), Berceuse pour Emanuel Reuben James (2:06), and Isabeau (2:18), Lullaby Berceuse carries its young listeners and readers swiftly through a soothing collection to a quick and silent sleep.
Next, it was over the border to France and Faure's Berceuse from Dolly Suite No 1.
The defendant in the suit, Montreal publisher Barthelemy Hubert, was ordered to halt distribution of his edition of Mary's 1892 novel, Tante berceuse.
His essential Polishness found expression in several sets of Mazurkas which lie somewhere between Chopin and Szymanowski, a virtuoso, post-Chopinist Polonaise, and Noel, a setting of the Polish Christmas Carol, Gdy Sliczna Panna, given a Chopin Berceuse treatment.
The program also included Bruning's tempestuous Piazzolla Songs and her poetic Berceuse.
Berceuse, emporte-moi, Ottawa, Pierre de lune, 1993.
Tres applaudie a la fin du recital, la chanteuse a la voix presente a interprete [beaucoup moins que] Zahra [beaucoup plus grand que] et [beaucoup moins que] Arced, Arced Ayidhess [beaucoup plus grand que] (Viens, viens o sommeil), une berceuse kabyle, apres un rappel insistant du public.
For example, Fortassier's discussion of Faure's accentual inversions in Les berceaux of 1879 (which counteract the iambic rhythms characteristic of both the text and the berceuse genre) (35) can equally apply to Lydia: the latter poem's lines "Le jour qui lui est le meilleur" and le t'aime et meurs, o mes amours" similarly suggest iambs, but in each case Faure inverts the accentuation of the first foot ("Le jour" and "je t'aime") before restoring it at the end of each line (fig.
The spiky rhythms of the Intrada as well as the gentle Berceuse, which turned into something of a fortissimo "reveille", contrasted with the chattering of the Procession and Dance.
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