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Co editors' note: Please see NZNO chief executive Geoff Annals' response to the letter "NZNO berated for fee increase" in the April issue of Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand, p4.
Eyeing a group of gay tourists in the lobby of her Manhattan flagship hotel, the Park Lane, Leona Helmsley reportedly berated the hotel's general manager, Charles Bell.
New York Times music critic Richard Aldrich, who covered dance, berated her for "laying violent hands on a great masterpiece.
They accused Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali of usurping unwarranted power, and they berated the Clinton foreign policy team for supposedly falling under his sway.
The rock was water and the storm Berated mountains and Moses thundered Commandment but was gentle too.
Herbert Haft has screamed at and berated Ronald Haft and other
As "an old head" berated her, "I told you to hang three cars, let two go to the runaround, one to the main, go through the crossovers, and line behind.
The suit also claimed the judges had reversed eviction orders for "invalid or frivolous reasons" and had "unfairly berated landlords in open court," said Goldberg.
The evidence supports the conclusion that McFetters was physically assaulted, berated, fired, and falsely imprisoned by an enraged Paddon.
He berated governments failure to carry out such simple tasks like removal of animal carcasses, and carrying out sanitation related tasks.
Manuel berated his players as they came off the field at the end of the inning for what he perceived as an overall lack of intensity.
WHILE I can understand people being upset at the error made by Manchester City in printing comments relating to the Munich air tragedy, can I ask if the United fans objecting are the same fans who have berated Liverpool supporters with Shankly taunts for the past 19 years?
On the other hand, Saskatchewan's Catholic weekly, the Prairie Messenger (PM) berated the Church over the encyclical in no fewer than three editorials.
Talking to media during his visit to inauguration of Ashiana Housing Scheme, he berated the fact that during the past 63 years the rich had been lavished with luxurious housing schemes, while no scheme had ever been setup for the poor.
The girls' choices aren't excused, either; once incarcerated, they are berated by a straight-shooting ``inspirational'' speaker (though this could be also read as a comment on a lack of institutional support).