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In addition, according to him, the Government controls the matter on lack of high octane benzols.
The plant was originally started for dealing with the extraction of toulol only, but very soon after the commencement of operations the authorities asked that benzol might be extracted, in addition to the other fractions, and the various plants were adapted accordingly.
The vessel was laden with TNT, picric acid, gun-cotton (an explosive substance) and drums of benzol fuel.
They were rescued from the tanker but later confirmed dead, the officials said, adding they were reportedly washing a benzol tank at the time they collapsed.
For example, chloroform causes liver cancer in female but not male mice; and though benzol and arsenic are carcinogenic in humans, they "are not so in any of the rodent species commonly used in experimental laboratories" (p.
0 g was removed from each ovary, dehydrated in methanol, cleared in benzol, and embedded in paraffin.
The Ninth Circuit affirmed the district court's allocation of one hundred percent of the clean up costs to the United States for benzol waste.
Also known as benzol, benzene is a colorless liquid with a sweet odor.
There is obviously a fair amount of stamina about in the bottom line, and it showed in another of Side Of Gold's offspring, Hick And Benzol, runner-up for the Greenwich Cup at Catford and a finalist in Ramsgate's Kent St Leger.
A Wash the drawers with a 50-50 solution of acetone and benzol.
Benzol, chloroform, ether, alcohol, carbon tetrachloride, acetone, ammonium hydroxide, and sulfuric acid have all been used during this century to decaffeinate beans, and assault your taste buds.
It is with the production capacity of 500,000 tons of gas to methanol, 450,000 tons of coal tar process, 400,000 tons crude benzol hydro refining and 200,000 tons DEM.
Tenders are invited for Stainless Steel Benzol Container As Per Sample Available At Coaching Depot, Bilaspur.
Welsh law firm Hugh James is holding the seminars for former British Coal, British Steel and British Benzol and Coal Distillation Limited employees following a recent "group litigation order" application to the High Court, commencing court proceedings for British Coal cases.
Coke powder and crude benzol are byproducts of the coking process and have various industrial applications.