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Using experience gained from its wartime aero engines, Mercedes built the first successful Grand Prix car to have fuel injection and ran it on a unique fuel mix containing 45 per cent benzol, 25 per cent methyl alcohol, 25 per cent high octane petrol, three per cent acetone and two per cent nitro-benzine.
Zehirli sarmasik, benzol turevleri, bitkisel alerjenler ve antibiyotikler (neomisin) gibi guclu duyarlandiricilar akut; nikel, kromat ve tiuram gibi zayif duyarlandiricilar ise kronik AKD'ye neden olurlar (7).
WHY has there never been any survival of the National Benzol motor fuel?
The vessel was laden with TNT, picric acid, gun-cotton (an explosive substance) and drums of benzol fuel.
25) Asi mismo, prohibio el trabajo con benzol a la mujeres embarazadas o no, salvo que sean autorizadas si las condiciones de trabajo disminuyen el peligro (26) y aprobo tambien el convenio de la OIT sobre el empleo de mujeres en trabajos subterraneos en las minas de todas clases.
They were rescued from the tanker but later confirmed dead, the officials said, adding they were reportedly washing a benzol tank at the time they collapsed.
Lo mejor es envolver un trozo de trapo de algodon, empapado con benzol y aplicar sobro h remacha con golpes suaves.
The list included Italtech (Italy); Mastek, and Quantum Holdings (Malaysia); Zarubezhneftegas, Mashinoimport, Slavneft, Sidanco, and Rosneftimpex (Russia); Fenar (Lichtenstein); Emir Oil, Coastal Oil Derivatives, and Benzol (United Arab Emirates); Nafta Petroleum, and KTG Kentford Globe (Cyprus); Glencore, and Lakia Sari (Switzerland); Al Hoda (Jordan); Belmetalenergo (Belarus); Samasu (Sudan); Erdem (Turkey); African Petroleum (Namibia); Shaher Trading (Yemen); Aredio (France); Commercial Home (Ukraine); Awad Ammora (Syria); Montega (South Africa); Afro Eastern (Ireland); and Bulf Drilling (Romania).
Otro lote comprensivo de agua de almendras amargas, 248 50 acido acetico, hilos, benzol, alcohol metilico, y amilica, prensa para tinturas, vaselina blanca, fenol puro, canela entera, vaselina boratado, hormiguicida, acido tartarico cristalizado, capelas, goma pez, elixir puro, en doscientos cuarenta y ocho pesos, cincuenta centavos.
For example, chloroform causes liver cancer in female but not male mice; and though benzol and arsenic are carcinogenic in humans, they "are not so in any of the rodent species commonly used in experimental laboratories" (p.
Application involves only a small amount of cream, which the manufacturers claim will protect against oil, petrol, benzol, paint, lacquer, adhesives, synthetic resin, soot, polyester, oxides, tar and bitumen products, silicone compounds, PU glue, dust, fibreglass, graphite and much more.
Concentrations of benzol in the atmosphere over Athens are four times higher than the European average, according to ambient air readings of this toxic substance blamed for blood circulation problems.
0 g was removed from each ovary, dehydrated in methanol, cleared in benzol, and embedded in paraffin.
For example, the treaty required Germany to cede to the Allies all of its merchant ships over 1,600 tons, plus one-quarter of its fishing fleet; (26) to deliver huge quantities of coal to numerous Allied nations, as well as Benzol, coal tar, and ammonium sulfate to France; (27) and, despite the existence of famine conditions in Germany, to provide the Allies with a substantial portion of its remaining livestock.
The Ninth Circuit affirmed the district court's allocation of one hundred percent of the clean up costs to the United States for benzol waste.