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gum resin used especially in treating skin irritation

used in some classifications for the American spicebush and certain other plants often included in the genus Lindera

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Vanillin is an aromatic aldehyde, which is contained as a natural product mainly in vanilla (Orchidaceae), benzoin (Styracaceae), and Peruvian balsam (Leguminosae).
Impact of ultra sound on hydrophobic interactions in solutions: ultrasonic retardation of benzoin condensation.
Natural patchouli, extraction of cedarwood along with Benzoin and agar wood.
I can tell you that the base is patchouli fraction orpur, benzoin Laos orpur, tonka bean and musk, and the heart (a perfume must have a heart that should break, in a way, our heart) is heliotrope (one of my favorite scents), violet and freesia.
It is a mix of caramel, the natural resin Benzoin, evoking a vanilla-scented honey aroma, and musks for sophistication.
The products include organic certified herbal ingredients such as calendula, comfrey, Echinacea, tea tree oil and benzoin gum.
A starting point would logically be Egypt, from which the Israelites made their Exodus, and their various temple incenses and magico-medical fumigants, which included benzoin, cannabis, Hyoscyamus, bitumen and arsenic sulphide (Shehata 2006).
Aloe is also an ingredient in Compound Benzoin tincture [16].
In Scheme 1, benzoin (3) was reacted with 2-bromobenzoic acid under standard conditions to give benzoin 2-bromobenzoate.
Native woody understory shrubs include Asimina triloba (Paw Paw) and Lindera benzoin (spice bush).
Some of the essences covered are benzoin, myrrh, frankincense, sweetgrass and dragon's blood.
Whitehead's varnish is made up of a mixture of ether, iodoform, benzoin, storax, and tolu balsam.
Impact of ultrasound on hydrophobic interactions in solutions: ultrasonic retardation of benzoin condensation.
Any medication that contains lidocaine, benzoin, benzonin tincture, camphor or 20 percent benzocaine is effective in pain reduction.
There are perfumes, fresh as the flesh of children, Sweet as oboes, green as meadows, And others, corrupt, rich, and triumphant, Having the expansion of infinite things, Like amber, musk, benzoin, and incense, Which sing the raptures of the spirit and the senses.