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a white crystalline ester used as a local anesthetic

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McDowall, of Coverdale Road, Stockton, was given a two-year jail sentence suspended for two years with supervision and mental health treatment after he pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply cocaine, being concerned in the supply of cocaine and encouraging or assisting in the commission of an offence in the illegal possession of Benzocaine.
Dene Long had obtained the benzocaine, which was being stored at the house of Cheetham's sister Karen.
The BDA said bluntly: "An overdose of benzocaine can cause lifethreatening side effects.
They found two tons of benzocaine - a fifth of the UK's annual supply for medical professions - in one raid.
His lawyer, Seamus Leonard, said the benzocaine, sold legally on the internet, was to be used for plant food.
The most consistently effective treatment for stings from jellyfish species common to around beaches in the United States is careful removal of the nematocysts, followed by washing the afflicted area with water - hot is ideal, but saltwater is also effective - and application of topical lidocaine or benzocaine.
Orajel[R] Severe Pain Gel (also available as a cream) provides 20 percent benzocaine and 0.
Sweeney had a 25kg drum of benzocaine, a substance used in throat lozenges which dealers often use to "bulk out" cocaine.
5kg of crack cocaine, 5kg of cocaine and 27kg of the mixing agent Benzocaine along with drugs paraphernalia including equipment to vacuum-pack quantities of substances.
During one of these tasting sessions, I discovered the great numbing power of benzocaine.
The Hurricaine swabs, like the gel and spray, are 20% benzocaine, have an onset of 15 to 30 seconds, a duration of 12 to 15 minutes, can be reapplied, and offer virtually no systemic absorption.
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They also found digital scales, plastic bags, a measuring jug and glass on the table along with the bulking agent benzocaine, used to "bash" the drugs into more profitable lower purities.