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a closed chain of 6 carbon atoms with hydrogen atoms attached

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The residue Ser170 established two interactions (backbone donor and acceptor) with hydrogen of hydroxyl group of two cyclic rings and one with oxygen of hydroxyl group of benzene ring of compound 2.
1] reveal the occurrence of 1,2- substitution on benzene ring [27], The peak observed for o-methoxy group in the FTIR spectrum indicates the presence of o-anisidine unit in the POA chain.
As another basic structure characteristic for a product with benzene ring, the UV-Vis absorption spectra of PANI prepared in four kinds of inorganic acids are shown in Fig.
was promoted by substituting the electron-donating substituent on the benzene ring of phenylhydrazone (the opposite is also true).
The secret to the molecules' capability to turn heat into power lies in their structure-like water reaching a fork in a river, the flow of electrons along the molecule is split in two once it encounters a benzene ring, with one flow of electrons following along each arm of the ring.
12 showed the typical 1,2,4 and 1,3,5-tri-substituted benzene rings, respectively.
Unsubstituted aromatic molecules interact with the cesium cation preferably via their [pi]-systems as evidenced by the location of the Cs cation above the centre of one of the benzene rings at a distance of ca 3.
DDT is a mixture of three forms of the chemical, one of which has enantiomers--not due to the presence of an asymmetric carbon but the relative position of the chlorine atoms on each of the molecule's two benzene rings.
But different PAHs have different numbers of benzene rings, and each PAH molecule's contribution to the absorption depends on the number of benzene rings it has.
Fourteen years before, Knoop had used benzene rings as a tracer in fat metabolism (see 1904).
Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons or PAH are composed of a number of benzene rings, such as napthalene with two benzene rings: [FORMULA DATA OMITTED]
In the syndiotactic form of PS, the pendant benzene rings alternate regularly on opposite sides of the polymer TABULAR DATA OMITTED backbone.
PMMA also lacks the carbon-rich benzene rings found in polystyrene.
2 Violanthrone: An aromatic compound whose molecules consist of nine fused benzene rings