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  • verb

Synonyms for benumb

to render less sensitive

to dull the senses, as with a heavy blow, a shock, or fatigue

to render helpless, as by emotion

Synonyms for benumb

make numb or insensitive

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presenting the props from a remote-controlled dirigible race as an art installation--Olav Westphalen should be an artist we can count on in such harrowingly benumbing days as these.
In the second group of wasters are the benumbing consequences of flawed management such as lack of planning, poor organisation of tasks, haste(
Most works of Heidegger scholarship are knotted with long discussions of German etymology, stilted by English translations of Heideggerian language that have a benumbing effect on even the most dedicated of readers, and give the impression that the writer mistakes repetitions of Heidegger's forbidding writing style as a replacement for philosophical insight.
And these are benumbing times - even the images of Sept.
permeate[d] the whole texture of social life so that it [became] the benumbing influence to which all.
There is no easy way to go through a book like Proverbs where the repetition of sayings one after another can have "a benumbing effect on the unwary reader" (xix).
The sorry creatures who lurch to the faraway town of Limoges at the top of Patrice Chereau's benumbing drama have much to be sad about.
Through these distinctions (it is not easy), we can free ourselves from the benumbing, perhaps entrancing, power of unrestricted, overextended class terms.
Hours of addictive, benumbing sensory bombardment via media have taken its toll.
However convincing may be such arguments, I consider them unhelpful because they make society poorer by benumbing our sense of social responsibility, and by depriving us of compassion.
Their anger results from the loss of what should and would otherwise be and is as benumbing as unrequited love.