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wood that is steamed until it becomes pliable and then is shaped for use in making furniture

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Dignitaries at the ceremony included Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon, whose own desk at Government House is a bentwood box created by Vickers.
Howard Bentwood, managing partner of Cedar, commented on the appointment, saying, "A functional business area is important to the continued growth of Cedar within the UK & internationally.
uk Traditional and stylish, pick up a Bentwood rattan honey birch rocking chair for PS55.
A set of three Bentwood cubes, small, medium and large, PS11.
FORM MEETS FUNCTION in the sinewy Su Chaise, updating Michael Thonet's 150-year-old bentwood technology with catuaba wood from the Amazon rainforest and a cushion of supple leather ($7,185).
What you are offering today is extremely valuable, not only to yourselves, not only to your families but for the generations yet to come," said TRC Commissioner Marie Wilson speaking both of the gifts that were deposited into the Bentwood Box and the testimony.
Wooden floorboards, wooden counter with a flap on hinges, a bentwood chair for the customer and the grocer dressed in a brown overall just like Arkwright in Open all Hours.
SLIM enough to fit in any size room but stylish enough for any occasion, take it easy in a comfy Bentwood chair.
Bentwood Apartments, a 216-unit complex in Lubbock, TX, received $6,700,000 funded under the Fannie Mac DUS[R] Loan product line.
Sarah wanted me to tell him that, if he were to declare, he should declare here at Bentwood.
Classic bistro bentwood stools also lined the bar for extra seating.
Speaking on behalf of Catholic, Anglican and Prostestant church archivists, General Synod archivist Nancy Hum placed a diskette with 300 images of the residential schools from across Canada on top of a beautifully carved and painted bentwood box.
The Phonet bentwood chairs for table seating once were used in college dorm rooms.
This intersection is just past Bentwood at Sugarloaf subdivision.
Each would have held a nervous driver standing in a chariot as fragile as a bentwood chair, reins wrapped around his waist so if he crashed he would probably be dragged to his death, and his four horses waiting for the race marshal on the open balcony above to start the race.