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Synonyms for benthos

a region including the bottom of the sea and the littoral zones

organisms (plants and animals) that live at or near the bottom of a sea

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2] frame); sampling consisted of a 3 min agitation of the benthos.
But there is almost no information on the long term study of benthos particularly in the coastal waters of Bangladesh.
During the initial invasion the environment can offer a large variety of microhabitats for benthos as a result of the low density of S.
Effects of pondpreparation and feeding rate on production of Penaeus monodon Fabricius water quality bacteria and benthos in model farming ponds.
Species of Bembidiinae and Stenopelmus minutus Hustache were found only in samples extracted from the benthos.
Benthic fauna: A total of 9 825 individuals of 28 families were sampled in the benthos.
That song could well make Uncle Bill spin in the benthos.
Marine scientists in Italy and elsewhere in Europe offer a practical compendium of methodology to complement texts and manuals on the marine benthos for scientists and graduate and undergraduate students studying deep-sea habitats.
Between December 15 and 18, 2006, quantitative and qualitative samples of benthos and plankton were taken in eight localities looking for adults and larvae of the golden mussel (Table 1).
setiferus are more effective as benthic predators, their ability to capture and consume prey from the water column suggests that zooplankton may be a viable alternative prey source when benthos are unavailable or inaccessible.
The Corps reviewed environmental assessments prepared by MARAD and reports related to cultural-resource surveys and effects, fish and benthos sampling, geotechnical and seismic, chemical sampling and testing, hydrodynamics, Cook Inlet beluga whales and mitigation.