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of or relating to or happening on the bottom under a body of water

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2014), a result that was confirmed by a project carried out between 2013 and 2014 addressed to study benthonic macrofauna in the area influenced by Las Minas River (Punta Arenas) (Canete, unpublished data).
Additionally, it is important to highlight that Imparfinis mirini (Haseman, 1911), a small bodied fish which also forage the substrate and were captured in the same sample sites of this study, consumed a very low proportion of detritus related to the benthonic organisms (Tofoli et al.
Keywords: Biostratigraphy; Larger benthonic foraminifera; Eocene; Nisai Formation; Pishin Belt.
Benthonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy in the Central North Pacific, Leg 17.
In the present study a total of more than 140 samples of Lockhart Limestone from Nilawahan, Kalarwahan and Nammal Gorge were studied with special reference to larger benthonic foraminifera.
The planktonic nema-bearing Rhabdinopora flabelliformis (Eichwald, 1980) versus benthonic root-bearing Dictyonema Hall, 1952.
Sarupria, "Cluster analysis and ecology of living benthonic foraminifera from the inner shelf off Ratnagiri, West Coast, India," Journal of the Geological Society of India, vol.
Peru in addition referred the Court to a Chilean Decree of 1998 defining benthonic areas of the Chilean coast; the northern limit ran to the south-west.
The microfauna collected includes only long-range Cretaceous benthonic foraminifera, which are indicative of marine environments but do not contribute much in assigning a more precise age.
However, there are not any references on planktonic or benthonic micro-algae communities structure and seasonal succession in coastal lakes from the Mexican Caribbean Sea shoreline.
We consider that studies on daily growth increments of otoliths, besides giving more information on growth ring identification and age determination, explain many life cycle phenomena of the organisms during their first life stages, that is, their larvae period, migration from planktonic media to pelagic, demersal and benthonic media and other changes that larvae go through, and also juvenile stages to adults before their recruitment to the area and fishing gears.
Particular specie of benthonic foraminifera are known to have occupied particular time ranges, e.
In this period, based on O'Connor and Dobbins's (1958) proposal, models were proposed and consisted of second order differential equations, which added the benthonic and photosynthesis demand treatment to the models from the first period.
guttulatus is a moderately generalized benthonic predator, the food diversity in its gut was greater than in H.