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of or relating to or happening on the bottom under a body of water

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The Benthic writ says Fairview "undertook to perform an accredited research and assessment programme into arti–ficial dolphin assisted therapy" in October 2011.
The report recommends greater controls over benthic fishing in this zone.
By contrast, there were abundant benthic invertebrates in the bayside intertidal zone (Table 1).
This study reports 36 species of benthic macroalgae in three divisions from the Mansfield Pass jetties (Table 1).
The four papers dealing with benthic foraminifera are by Gooday et al.
Benthic invertebrates live on or within sediments, where they influence sediment and bottom water chemistry, alter sediment organic content and structure, and serve as major prey species for fish and other benthic organisms (Cuomo and Zinn 1997; Covich et al.
In the present study, our first objective was to investigate the effect of dredging on few indicator bacteria, benthic population and water chemistry (salinity, transparency, total suspended solids and nutrient concentration).
A series of cascading environmental problems has been chronicled, including excessive micro- and macroalgal growth, nuisance and toxic algal blooms (HABs), loss of submerged aquatic vegetation, altered benthic faunal communities, and impacted essential habitats and harvestable fisheries.
Abstract--The recovery of benthic communities inside the western Gulf of Maine fishing closure area was evaluated by comparing invertebrate assemblages at sites inside and outside of the closure four to six years after the closure was established.
The Scottish Ministers/JNCC wish to set up a contract to undertake benthic samples processing.
Ennsub, the independent subsea design, engineering and technology company, has been awarded a major contract by Benthic for offshore equipment in ultra deep-water conditions.
SUBSEA engineers Ennsub have secured a PS2m contract to build launch and recovery system for geotechnical investigation specialists Benthic.
Benthic communities were sampled and environmental data collected from a number of sites between 1968 and 2013.
Utilizing Heal the Bay's citizen science bioassessment data, we examined the impact of New Zealand mudsnails on benthic macroinvertebrates in the Malibu Creek Watershed.