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to offer multiple courses featuring bentgrass greens, furthering its strong reputation as a superior golf destination.
The new linkage map will help eventually in marker-assisted breeding of economically important traits, like disease resistance to dollar spot and brown patch, which are common diseases of bentgrass," says Warnke.
Researchers have found creeping bentgrass transgenes in the progeny of wild populations 14 kilometers away from the source field.
In other words, if Roundup-resistant creeping bentgrass or tall fescue got into other types of lawns, or into fields of Roundup-resistant crops, the problem of chemical weed control would have come full circle, and another herbicide would have to be found to control the bio-engineered grasses.
The location of traps was less than 20 m from the creeping bentgrass, a preferred host, on putting greens.
The test results indicated that sheep fescue, Chewings fescue, colonial bentgrass, and velvet bentgrass should be studied further for use on low-input golf course fairways in the northern US.
Surveys of natural enemies in creeping bentgrass were conducted overnight, coincident with predation studies, on 30 Jun at the turfgrass unit, and on 10 Jun and 3 Sep 2010 at the golf course.
The first thing we did was replant the greens with Champion [Bermudagrass]," Brockington said of the formerly bentgrass surfaces.
5 years to assess the impact of reuse water on soil-turfgrass systems, including bermudagrass, perennial ryegrass, and bentgrass.
Monsanto's Roundup Ready creeping bentgrass currently is up for USDA approval for commercial planting in the Willamette Valley.
Open Championship owe their high-speed performance to PENN G-2, a creeping bentgrass marketed exclusively by LESCO, Inc.
homoeocarpa on heat-sterilized millet seeds to produce an inoculum used to infect 4-week-old bentgrass seedlings growing on sand mixtures with and without bokashi amendments.
The list of courses now with Champion in this region runs from MAUMELLE COUNTRY CLUB, which converted its bentgrass to Bermuda last summer, to TPC AT SOUTHWIND in Cordova, Tenn.
The rolling fairways on the Cal Olsen design lead to bentgrass greens, a rarity in Southern California.
Large Bentgrass greens provide generous targets but are heavily undulating and tough to sink putts on.