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Equally enthusiastic was Jeff Pervorse of Bent Grass.
The greens have suffered in a record summer heatwave but it is hardly a surprise as they comprise bent grass that is more commonly found in cooler climates.
Also, wiry Bermuda rough has replaced the old bent grass and even though the rough will be cut shorter this year, between two and three inches, it should still cause problems.
The greens, for example, are all bent grass, giving a smooth and consistent roll.
Not ideal conditions for growing a lawn in the front yard, much less bent grass and poa annua on a championship golf course that is hosting this week's Target World Challenge.
5 to 3 inches, but bent grass and Bermuda grass should be cut at 1 to 1.
Dick Nugent crafted White Hawk on 250 acres of woods, prairies, creeks and wetlands, with the course planted in bent grass.
Ideal mowing height ranges COOL CLIMATE GRASSES Bent grass 1/4 to 3/4 in.
The 10 courses used for the Pacific Amateur range from Aspen Lakes - with bent grass fairways and volcanic red cinder bunkers set among the ponderosa pines on the outskirts of Sisters, to Widgi Creek - a Robert Muir Graves layout adjacent to the Deschutes River on the road to Mount Bachelor.
McBroom has chosen bent grass for the tees, greens and fairways, with imported Ohio sand for bunkers, making this the first bent grass course in this part of the world.
The course uses sand and bent grass to accommodate the heavy west coast rain and maintains wooded corridors for wildlife habitat.
involved little more than cutting the native fescue, bent grass and rye.
Cool-season grasses include bent grass, fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, and ryegrass.
Carefully crafted characters made from an array of floral materials including carnations, dendrobium florets, button poms, strawflower and marigold petals, ilex berries, bent grass seed and coconut chips
Tees, fairways, and rough at Briggs are all zoysia, and greens are bent grass.