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Act - MTV's popular blog that spotlights the efforts of young people and celebrities who are taking action on those things they are most passionate about - is a perfect fit for the 15-year-old who is also the founder of ThatGirlinPink, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that Benni established last year to better lend her support to the prevention of teen suicide, an issue that has affected her personally.
Amidst her global correspondence through social media, several fans made the specific request to hear Benni sing.
The video, which has earned over 64 million views on YouTube and currently stands as the most-viewed video on YouTube, featured Benni as one of Rebecca's friends along for the ride on a Friday night.
Last week, when Rebecca Black's "Friday" video hit the Internet, Benni gained immediate attention for her awkward dancing - and it wasn't the good kind.
Ajax chairman Michael van Praag said: "The next Benni McCarthy is out there and Ajax is determined that he and all the other future Benni's will proudly wear the red and white of the Ajax jersey.
Pure Entertainment Group, a Canada-based event management and luxury concierge company, has announced a new partnership with Bennis and Kaufman, a Canada-based immigrant investor company.
Manager Bennis insisted that the Shannonsiders, despite contesting Munsterand All-Ireland finals in 2007, are still behind Kilkenny, Waterford, Cork, Galway and Tipperary in the game's current pecking order.
Bennis said: "It's like this - expectations will be high whereas there were none last year.
Bennis and Thomas argue that leaders have all been through what they call a "crucible," a defining event or series of events.
That's why Bennis has spent hundreds of hours sewing scarves - 600 of them - for local women undergoing chemotherapy, and volunteering for Reach to Recovery, an American Cancer Society program in which breast cancer survivors talk to women who have been newly diagnosed.
The leadership scholar and well-known business lecturer and author Warren Bennis, from the University of Southern California and the University of Exeter in the U.
Strong leadership that can generate public participation is an essential condition for a successful city, and great leaders share key characteristics, University of Southern California business administration professor Warren Bennis told delegates to the Congress of Cities.
Detroit police had arrested John Bennis after observing him engaged in a sexual act with a prostitute in his car, which was jointly owned by Bennis and his wife.
LIMERICK senior hurling manager Richie Bennis has insisted that he has no case to answer after moving from his perch in the Hogan Stand last Sunday.
Warren Bennis is Distinguished Professor of Business Administration at the University of Southern California, and is internationally known as an expert on leadership.