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gum resin used especially in treating skin irritation

(Old Testament) the youngest and best-loved son of Jacob and Rachel and one of the twelve forebears of the tribes of Israel

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Little Benjamin sat down beside his cousin, and assured him that Mr.
LITTLE Benjamin said, "It spoils people's clothes to squeeze under a gate; the proper way to get in, is to climb down a pear tree.
They left a great many odd little foot-marks all over the bed, especially little Benjamin, who was wearing clogs.
LITTLE Benjamin said that the first thing to be done was to get back Peter's clothes, in order that they might be able to use the pocket handkerchief.
You’re a moosical creature, Benjamin, when the notion takes you.
I can’t say,” continued the housekeeper, “but there’s good eatables and drinkables enough in the house for a body’s content—a little more sugar, Benjamin, in the glass —for Squire Jones is an excellent provider.
Life is as unsartain as the wind that blows,” said Benjamin, with a moralizing air; “and nothing is more varible than the wind, Mistress Remarkable, unless you hap pen to fall in with the trades, d’ye see, and then you may run for the matter of a month at a time, with studding-sails on both sides, alow and aloft, and with the cabin-boy at the wheel.
I know that life is disp’ut unsartain,” said Remark able, compressing her features to the humor of her companion; “but I expect there will be great changes made in the house to rights; and that you will find a young man put over your head, as there is one that wants to be over mine; and after having been settled as long as you have, Benjamin, I should judge that to be hard.
Little Benjamin, who had been all attention, never once interrupted the narrative; but when it was ended he could not help observing, that there must be surely something more invented by his enemies, and told Mr Allworthy against him, or so good a man would never have dismissed one he had loved so tenderly, in such a manner.
It only rested with Benjamin to say whether he would give a helping hand to his master's daughter or not.
Thank you, old friend; you have given me an idea already," I said to Benjamin.
Come to take you home to-morrow,' replied Benjamin.
Benjamin Allen, and even joined in a friendly conversation with Mr.
Tupman, and the ladies; which reached a pitch of positive enthusiasm, when old Wardle and Benjamin Allen, assisted by the aforesaid Bob Sawyer, performed some mystic evolutions, which they called a reel.
Benjamin Allen was holding a hurried consultation with Mr.