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Conclusion: Among the histomorphologic variants of ovarian tumors, benign tumors are more common than malignant ones for all age groups.
Gender and age group, type of tumor, type of benign tumor, type of malignant tumor and anatomical site of tumors were categorical variables whereas age in years was numeric variable.
Table 1: Distribution of ovarian tumors Type of tumors Number of cases Percentage Benign tumor 175 72.
But it becomes imperative to bear in mind that malignancies can mimic a host of benign tumors.
The current study showed that the benign minor salivary gland tumors were more common as compared to malignant tumors among the population, which differed from previous studies showing predominance for malignant over benign tumors.
Benign tumors can also develop internally, she adds, and there are areas of the feline body where they can present major problems.
The investigators examined the differences in emotional responses among 21 women who had received a diagnosis of breast cancer and 72 women who had benign tumors.
Copiague, NY; 631-789-2600) announced that it has been issued United States Patent 6,187,593 for an invention that is particularly useful for the treatment of malignant and benign tumors containing fibrin.
Another type of benign tumor often seen in people with FMEN1 is a plum-sized, fatty tumor called a lipoma, which grows under the skin.
But in some people, the doctor first finds a kind of benign tumor called an adenomatous polyp.
An acoustic neurinoma is a benign tumor which may develop on the hearing and balance nerves near the inner ear.
Like other studies, serous epithelial tumour was the commonest benign tumor and serous carcinoma was the commonest malignant tumor in this study.
Most common benign tumor observed was serous cyst adenoma with percentage of 43.
The injuries that plagued the Rebels right before the season - forward Shauna Cabriales' knee surgery, goalkeeper Amy Gold's dislocated patella, halfback Chelsea Lympany's benign tumor in her leg - are healing and all are playing.