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Synonyms for benightedness

the condition of being ignorant; lack of knowledge or learning

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Because the exchange continues with Wright informing the white journalist that her black roommate straightens her hair simply because she is self-loathing (Color Curtain 187), the interaction could be read as Wright's attempt to represent the American racial allegory, which highlights white American benightedness with respect to black Americans.
Many people exaggerate both their own enlightenment and the average person's benightedness, and judges are not immune from these tendencies.
Thus Paul Bert, a pupil of the renowned physiologist Claude Bernard and a member of Gambetta's editorial team on La Republique Francaise, sounded the theme of regeneration when he contrasted republican enlightenment with monarchical and dictatorial benightedness in introducing the Opportunist law on universal primary education to the Chamber of Deputies in his speech of December 6, 1879:
There are other worthwhile candidates: women with 'Baby on Board' stickers in their car who speed along 30mph roads oblivious to everyone around them; people who like to display their benightedness as a badge of honour; English arrogance (hey, I'm Welsh, I've got good reason to have a chip on my shoulder); automated phone systems; every other motorist in the country; the M5; Robert KilroySilk; people in motorised wheelchairs who ride far too quickly along busy pavements scattering pedestrians into the road, or clipping their heels and glaring at you as if it was your fault.
What Bagehot called the "party-spirit" shapes their every utterance and makes of their every narrative a fable of moral combat in which the forces of enlightenment (the Democratic Party) and the forces of benightedness (the Republican Party) struggle for ascendency.
Name calling - using ``goons'' - is the height of childishness and benightedness.