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in a benevolent manner


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Lydgate's conceit was of the arrogant sort, never simpering, never impertinent, but massive in its claims and benevolently contemptuous.
Douglas smiled benevolently and told John to take "dear Janet" out into the garden and get her some roses.
The wizened-looking little man came and watched them benevolently, peering every now and then through his spectacles, and applauding mildly any particularly good stroke.
Fine gentlemen smiled at her benevolently as they talked with Martin and one another; a type-writer clicked; signatures were affixed to an imposing document; her own landlord was there, too, and affixed his signature; and when all was over and she was outside on the sidewalk, her landlord spoke to her, saying, "Well, Maria, you won't have to pay me no seven dollars and a half this month.
Or are the works of Claude, and the other fellows, to be benevolently increased in number, to supply the wants of persons of taste and quality?
He had very benevolently yielded to my importunities on former occasions, and I succeeded in making it clear to him that in so doing he had wrought unconsciously for his own benefit.
Fischer stood beaming benevolently and drinking deep of the astonishment and ecstasy of the girl, the grim admiration and gruff thanks of the colonel, the wonder of the whole group.
If the simplest people are disposed to look not a little kindly on great Prosperity (for I defy any member of the British public to say that the notion of Wealth has not something awful and pleasing to him; and you, if you are told that the man next you at dinner has got half a million, not to look at him with a certain interest)--if the simple look benevolently on money, how much more do your old worldlings regard it
And yet you rescued me from a strange and perilous situation; you have benevolently restored me to life.
But to return to Ned; I have no doubt you thought, and therefore interfered benevolently in his behalf, that I objected to Miss Haredale.
Frederick the free, was so humbled, bowed, withered, and faded; William the bond, was so courtly, condescending, and benevolently conscious of a position; that in this regard only, if in no other, the brothers were a spectacle to wonder at.
The author prefers to see the distinctions not between the US and the UK [upsilon] the USSR but between the UK and the USSR as set against a benevolently non-intrusive USA.
Then, when the person picks up on your action and feeling and relates more kindly and benevolently toward you in return, your good feelings really will be true.
Police too were part of the street celebration as youths standing above their vehicles waving their Saudi flags were looked upon benevolently by the police, who had turned out in large numbers.
Whatever you do, do NOT walk around office, smiling benevolently and repeating what Andy Garcia said to Nancy Travis in Internal Affairs: "That's a nice dress.