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2004), holds that pesticide testing on human subjects can be conducted, but only under the most stringent scientific and ethical standards, such as favorable benefit-risk ratios, informed consent, equitable subject selection, risk minimization, valid study design, and scientific necessity.
As health care providers, we make every decision, hopefully, based on the benefit-risk ratio, as noted in peer-reviewed studies.
the potential benefit-risk ratio of levothyroxine therapy justifies its use.
The undue fear and confusion generated in recent years by overrepresentation or misinterpretation of clinical studies mandated a clearer explanation of the therapeutic benefit-risk ratio of HT after menopause, and how these benefits and risks affect both health providers and the women weighing the use of such therapy," said Wulf H.
81 on July 3, 2014 following an announcement by the company that it was voluntarily suspending the Phase 3 trial of its Revolixys(TM) Kit, known as REG1, an anticoagulant intended for use in patients with a wide variety of acute coronary syndromes, following a review of the Data Safety Monitoring Board to determine the safety and treatment benefit-risk ratio of the 3,234 patients enrolled in the study.
VELCADE has a well-defined safety profile and a favourable benefit-risk ratio.