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crushing and separating ore into valuable substances or waste by any of a variety of techniques

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Underscoring the timeliness of a new thermal beneficiation method are market (low natural gas prices) and looming regulatory (EPA Clean Power Plan) forces that have lowered utilities' annual coal consumption.
Of course there will be resistance from those who have something to lose, but African governments should be resolute in filling spaces in the value chain because beneficiation brings massive amounts of money.
This is because, for instance, precious metals and diamonds are available at the internationally determined market price and beneficiation at present takes place largely in countries that have no mineral endowment.
EoACA[pounds sterling]MPC has already completed launching work and inspection of machinery and equipment at the beneficiation plant (where phosphate gets separated from sand and clay in slurry), the power plant and water systems,EoACA[yen] said Abdul Aziz Al-Harbi, president of the company.
Recent international work on research and development in phosphate beneficiation is gathered here, in sections on fundamentals, sustainability and the environment, reagents, process innovations, analysis and control, hydrometallurgical processing, and processing of refractory ores.
Globally the beneficiation and reuse of waste fly ash for the cement industry is a very valuable technology.
Or, it would equally be prepared to consider beneficiation of the spent sand at its own facility.
Officials at Separation Technologies LLC (ST) announced that they have finalized an agreement for the purchase and installation of a fly ash beneficiation unit at the Yeongheung Power Station by Korea South-East Power Co.
The Chamber of Mines of Namibia expects finalisation of the beneficiation strategy for the country s minerals industry by the end of this year.
Established in 1997 as a prototype facility for national ambitions in beneficiation, and as an outcome of the first government renegotiation of diamond governance arrangements with DeBeers following Independence, NamGem has often been an indicator for subsequent broader trends in Namibia's diamond polishing and cutting industry which now employs roughly 1000 workers across a dozen factories.
Peak has updated the December 2012 Scoping Study and preliminary economic assessment to reflect the significant improvements in costs and option to increase production as a result of recent positive beneficiation test work results and a higher grade and increased Mineral Resource for the weathered Bastnaesite Zone at Ngualla.
Awards are given in sixteen fields covering mineral discovery and exploration, mining technology, mineral beneficiation, sustainable mineral development, basic geoscience and applied geoscience including geo-environmental studies and disaster management
Among topics are the wrought and cast aluminum "ore,", scrap collection, beneficiation, melting furnace parts and accessories, the recycling industry, and safety and environmental considerations.
The deal, to be signed at the end of November, took a year to broker and will provide a significant fillip to the domestic diamond beneficiation industry.