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process (ores or other raw materials), as by reduction

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In addition, the remediation of this chemical degradation and its associated productivity is demonstrated in 2 contrasting soil types through the addition of beneficiated bentonite.
The significance of South Africa's trade with Africa, is that to no other region in the world is the profile of trade so heavily weighted in terms of beneficiated and manufactured goods," says Theron.
The beneficiated product will then enter a centrifugal classifier that selectively fractionates the slurry into fine and coarse products.
Tenders are invited for benefication (washing) of raw coal from mcl of talcher area and supply of beneficiated ( washed) coal to raichur thermal power station
Each sample was crushed into lump and fines, wet screened and the fraction below 1 mm beneficiated by gravity separation using a hydrosizer-Wilfley Table combination where sufficient sample mass allowed, or by heavy liquid separation of the -1.
The beneficiated rock samples were sent to Belgium to Prayon Technologies SA.
I hope that this will act as a guide post to other companies in the extraction industry and that the national rail network will benefit from dedicated lines to and from sites where minerals are extracted or beneficiated in bulk.
Sales and revenues achieved since the start of 2009 have included a combination of tenders, direct selling of select goods to specialized manufacturers, sales to the South African State Diamond Trader, and income from special stones beneficiated in terms of Rockwell's agreement with the Steinmetz Diamond Group.
In fact, history has often reinforced the impression of exploitative actions as having beneficiated societies, nations and cultures on the whole, particularly as it pertains to Third World regions, where women have less access and privilege to platforms.
The Ore Reserve estimates are due for completion by the end of 2010 and are targeting reserve tonnages of beneficiated phosphate rock concentrate between 32-34% P2O5 to feed a 600Ktpa DAP/MAP plant for approximately 60 years or a 1.
0 million-tonnes-per-annum processing capacity at NCC for the foreseeable future, with a significant proportion of production able to be beneficiated for the export market.
The company sees high grade direct shipping ore as being 25-35% P2O5 that can be mechanically beneficiated quickly by crushing, screening and washing at low cost.
The discovered ore bodies are of a type that could be beneficiated at the mine site by Dry Magnetic Separation requiring no chemical separation thus minimising the potential environmental impact.
For example, Ethiopian coffee exporters can earn more by packaging, branding and grading their coffee beans; Botswana's diamonds would realise far higher prices if cut and polished before export; and Zambian copper, which is exported immediately after extraction, could be beneficiated through manufacturing processes.