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process (ores or other raw materials), as by reduction

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Total redundant flows can be beneficiate by a new working module, transportation module, specially introduced for increasing flow reliability.
D-Imager users can now beneficiate from a complementary copy of the Omek Beckon Development Suite, enabling easy development of "gesture-based" applications for creative agencies.
CINCINNATI, June 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- FlyAshDirect announces today that in a joint development partnership with BASF, a new chemical solution has been developed to beneficiate fly ashes used in concrete that have been exposed to Powder Activated Carbon (PAC), a material widely accepted as a method to control mercury emissions at coal burning power plants.
Its core mission is to beneficiate Namibian diamonds through foreign investment, job creation, skill transfer and value addition.
Approaching the analysis and the modelling process based on the impedance concept allows to beneficiate in non-electrical systems of the advantages offered by the systemic equivalences that are specific for electrical circuits.
Unimin and Unimin Specialty Minerals process, beneficiate and size nepheline syenite, silica, feldspar and microcrystalline silica to produce flmctional fillers and extenders.
For 65 years Sasol has commercialised a range of technologies that beneficiate natural resources to produce much-needed liquid fuels, high-value chemicals and low-carbon electricity, promoting regional growth, development and stability.
This tetramerization unit at our Lake Charles complex is supporting our strategy to further beneficiate our ethylene produced at the site and is in line with our view to develop our integrated multi asset sites", said Fleetwood Grobler, Managing Director of Sasol Olefins & Surfactants, the international holding company of Sasol North America.
Value adding' has become a national war cry as the country seeks more ways to beneficiate its raw mining and agricultural output.
He said, We also want, with the support we get from your ministry and other government departments, like Zimbabwe Revenue Authority and the Environmental Management Agency to beneficiate local raw materials and reduce the country s import bills and at the same time contribute towards the preservation and creation of employment .
Alternatively the initial metallurgical test work indicates that we can beneficiate the ore at the Isthmus Region into a pre-concentrate grading a minimum of 40% iron using dry magnetic separation.
DENVER, June 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- GTL Energy Ltd, an Australian based technology company, announces changes to its board of directors to support the company in its pursuit of worldwide opportunities to commercialize its revolutionary, cost-effective and energy efficient drying process to beneficiate low rank coals.
The drilling results to date from the Isthmus Region indicates that we are likely to define both a saleable lump grade product, and additional material that we could beneficiate into a higher value end product along with the Hardstaff ore"
SonoAsh LLC is currently working to develop a demonstration and pilot process plant and has already made good progress towards a comprehensive integrated process to beneficiate fly ash.