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Synonyms for beneficiary

Synonyms for beneficiary

the recipient of funds or other benefits

the semantic role of the intended recipient who benefits from the happening denoted by the verb in the clause

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If a petitioner does not apply for the principal beneficiary, USCIS will not consider the associated derivative beneficiaries under the FWVP Program.
A trust may be a prudent beneficiary choice, however, if a surviving spouse would not have the ability to prudently manage a large sum of money.
The first contract is the contract between the letter of credit applicant and the beneficiary.
The individual beneficiaries may then take minimum distributions over the life expectancy of the oldest remaining beneficiary or over their individual life expectancies if the account is divided into separate accounts for each remaining individual beneficiary.
All CRTs must annually file Form 5227, Split-Interest Trust Information Return, by April 15 of the year following the taxable year, and attach Form K-1, Form 1041 for each beneficiary receiving taxable income during the year.
When asked to designate a beneficiary, you can choose The VRG to receive any portion of the policy you wish to donate.
There are special rules if the beneficiary is the IRA owner's spouse.
If the beneficiary refuses to appoint the Non-Plan Provider as a representative, the provider can appeal in its own right if it signs a waiver of payment form.
The bill also contains a Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program, which provides that each SSI and SSDI beneficiary would receive a ticket to obtain vocational services.
This shift would create volume increases in utilization of rehabilitation services for Medicare beneficiaries, whose payments in other settings would have been far less than the $1,500 per beneficiary spending limit.
You need to look at the deeds to your primary residence and vacation homes, and at the beneficiary designations for life insurance, retirement plans, and trust agreements, all of which can pass to a beneficiary outside the will.
It specifically focused on differences between blind and severely visually impaired clients in various disability beneficiary statuses and closure statuses.
Every client with an IRA or other retirement account must have a designated beneficiary, or bad things can happen.