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Synonyms for beneficiary

Synonyms for beneficiary

the recipient of funds or other benefits

the semantic role of the intended recipient who benefits from the happening denoted by the verb in the clause

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If the NONC is adequate on its face, the Non-Plan Provider should look to see whether the M+CO can prove that the beneficiary actually received it.
Individual two way analyses of variance were conducted on disability beneficiary status groups, closure status, intake and process variables.
Absent a clear trust document prohibition, a trustee may make the adjustment or unitrust conversion after proper notice and beneficiary consent if:
Average total health costs were $9,100 per beneficiary in 1996 while beneficiaries living in the community had average costs of $6,900.
Allow physicians to negotiate higher charges privately with low-income "dually eligible" and Qualified Medicare Beneficiary recipients.
However, this does not create a third-party beneficiary relationship.
Thus, such gain was taxed to the remainder beneficiary who actually received it.
Their decisions could affect the income allocated to the income beneficiary and the assets ultimately going to the remainder beneficiaries.
When a person other than an employee (such as a worker's son or daughter) is a QTP's designated beneficiary, plan contributions are deemed completed gifts from the employee to the beneficiary under section 529(c)(2)(A)(i), eligible for the section 2503(b) annual gift tax exclusion ($11,000 for 2004).
As a result, the average actuarial value was not a particularly good measure for the individual beneficiary because fewer than 25 percent of all beneficiaries would actually collect any MCCA benefits in a given year.
Strong competitive bidding by plans, as well as broad beneficiary choice, means that the average cost of Medicare Part D prescription drug plans for individuals will remain stable or even decline in 2007 - proof that this program is an effective approach to providing low-cost coverage to Medicare beneficiaries.
To preserve the S election, either the beneficiary of the successor trust has to make a QSST election, or the successor trust's trustee has to make an ESBT election, within two months and 15 days after the stock is transferred to the separate trusts.
the trustee shall account at least annually, at the termination of the trust, and upon a change of trustee, to each beneficiary to whom income or principal is required or authorized in the trustee's discretion to be currently distributed.
Prior to the EGTRRA, the earnings portion of such distributions was taxable to a beneficiary.