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Synonyms for beneficiary

Synonyms for beneficiary

the recipient of funds or other benefits

the semantic role of the intended recipient who benefits from the happening denoted by the verb in the clause

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Moreover, BISP has also recently released the 4th Quarterly installment of the current FY and the beneficiaries of Thar beneficiaries will also receive the installment with the relief amount.
The trustee established separate accounts for the beneficiaries.
Although its recorded construction loan mortgage gave potential trust beneficiaries notice of the bank's claim priority as a secured mortgage lender, nothing in the mortgage documents identified the bank as a trustee of Article 3-A assets.
It is financially feasible for both the government and beneficiaries, and it has some of the favorable principles we are advocating for," said Priscilla Chatman, senior legislative representative.
Nearly 70 percent of white beneficiaries and just over one-half of black and Hispanic beneficiaries reported that their usual source of care occurred at a doctor's office.
Beneficiaries would then shop around for the best deal based on their medical need and price.
The GAO (1996b) found that about 8 percent of SSI recipients aged 18 to 64 reported any earnings, and about 1 percent of SSDI beneficiaries reported earning $500 per month or more (SSDI beneficiaries who earn less than $500 a month are not required to report their earnings).
This shift would create volume increases in utilization of rehabilitation services for Medicare beneficiaries, whose payments in other settings would have been far less than the $1,500 per beneficiary spending limit.
Beneficiaries do not want to be changing health plans every year.
This study focused on the rehabilitation feasibility of blind and visually impaired clients who are disability beneficiaries.
401(a)(9)-4, Q&A-5 and, thus, qualify to make distributions to all beneficiaries over the life of the eldest beneficiary (i.
2004-64 (IRB 2004-27, July 6, 2004) favorably answered the question of whether a trust's grantor would not be making gifts to the trust's beneficiaries if the grantor pays the income tax on the trust's income in the right circumstances.
While naming an individual or a group of individuals as the DB can lead to greater income tax deferral than if none is named, naming certain beneficiaries (other than a trust, as discussed later) can, in fact, create undesirable estate tax consequences.
CHICAGO -- Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois announced today that it will offer Medicare beneficiaries several new options for Medicare Part D prescription drug plans, including a new plan that provides benefits in the coverage gap, or "doughnut hole.
Additionally, from a family business perspective, this technique allows deductible contributions to QTPs and provides a disincentive to designated beneficiaries for uses other than education.