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What could better conduce to the stability of the government than to propose and carry through a reform whose beneficial results were to be so vast?
Then clearly the next thing will be to make matrimony sacred in the highest degree, and what is most beneficial will be deemed sacred?
I was encompassed by a cloud which no beneficial influence could penetrate.
You will be glad, I am sure, to know that my dear father is very well in health, and that all these changes are highly beneficial to him, and that he is very different indeed from what he used to be when you used to see him.
He has vindicated you to the utmost; and I hope the communication of that letter to your cousin will have a beneficial effect on her.
3 February 2011 4 Statement of changes in beneficial ownership
These tours were arranged as part of the ongoing beneficial reuse initiative and served as a tool to educate agency staff about the metalcasting industry, particularly how sand is used for molds and cores, the methods employed to manage sand within a metalcasting facility, and the barriers to beneficial reuse that currently face metalcasters across the nation.
We like to have beneficial insects and animals around to go through their natural cycle.
The wood portion of this material has the potential for onsite beneficial reuse is mulch, for erosion control or as a substrate for heavy use areas.
From the ground up, gardens need beneficial insects to thrive.
Beneficial essential oils are those that help to deepen our connection with the mysterious spring of our own life force: such as cypress and geranium.
Ironically, the antibiotics used to treat these bacterial infections often wipe out beneficial bacteria that would otherwise compete with, or even kill, the pathogens.
Form W-8BEN, Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for U.
Edmond's") approved the merger pursuant to which Beneficial Mutual Bancorp, Inc.