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Synonyms for beneficent

Synonyms for beneficent

Synonyms for beneficent

doing or producing good

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generous in assistance to the poor

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Given Kant's repeated insistence on the sufficiency of the duty motive, any suggestion that sympathy might be instrumental in motivating the virtuous character to act beneficently should strike us as perplexing.
Not even the world LaLuc beneficently governs, in which Adeline finds sanctuary, is much more intelligible: it cannot reveal Adeline's identity, or Theodore's intimate connections to them all.
By relying on natural imagery, the poems and stories transformed the arbitrary positions, distinctions, and inequalities of society into divinely and beneficently designed relationships.
We know that, if we want the benefits of scientific knowledge, it's our responsibility to understand enough and be alert enough to ensure that knowledge is beneficently used.
It was appropriate to seek, to search, and to affirm values and practices formerly alien to the culture that de Tocqueville had so beneficently called religious.
I watch joggers circle the topmost decks of the ships from my perch on Windlust's forward deck, and through the open hatch beside me a graceful hand emerges beneficently.
The theistic hypothesis purports to offer an answer: God wanted a world suitable for embodied conscious beings, toward whom God could then act beneficently.
Helping professionals are not acting beneficently when they avoid, or discriminate against persons with mental illness.
Though a somewhat ethnocentric term, "Third World" was meant beneficently.
5] This approach is basically contractarian in character, but it may also be characterized more beneficently in terms of the recognition of a reciprocity of obligations.
How beneficently you accepted the Moosehead beer I offered you.
For pastoral to work, place must beneficently shape character.
51) In The Tempest each spectacle is safely illusory and beneficently purposeful.
The spirits of Bach and Britten, Elgar (the subject-matter is so close to that of his own two biblical oratorios) and the timeless Orlando Gibbons hover beneficently, and there are even intimations of Wagner in Joubert's well-paced, surging climax-building.
9) North American missionaries cannot afford to assume either that their roles are above and beyond the projects of the world or that their ministries will be beneficently viewed apart from such "signs of the times.