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Synonyms for beneficent

Synonyms for beneficent

Synonyms for beneficent

doing or producing good

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generous in assistance to the poor

References in classic literature ?
It was obvious that Joan had some mysterious and beneficent power upon her family.
He was certainly a happy fellow at this time: to be seven-and-twenty, without any fixed vices, with a generous resolution that his action should be beneficent, and with ideas in his brain that made life interesting quite apart from the cultus of horseflesh and other mystic rites of costly observance, which the eight hundred pounds left him after buying his practice would certainly not have gone far in paying for.
Before I speak, however, of the beneficent humorist who next had my boyish heart after Goldsmith, let me acquit myself in full of my debt to that not unequal or unkindred spirit.
She now became extremely beneficent to the poor cottagers.
In no other way can I account for its having leaped so far out of the water--a beneficent circumstance to which I doubtless owe my life, and that of another far dearer to me than my own.
An't'ing yehs wants, damn it," repeated he, waving his hands with beneficent recklessness.
Under a beneficent law of the State relating to property which has been for a certain period abandoned by an owner whose residence cannot be ascertained, the sheriff was legal custodian of the Manton farm and appurtenances thereunto belonging.
Distance does the same beneficent work far more speedily, and (when assisted by Change) far more effectually as well.
Susan herself hovered in the background, like a rather grim but beneficent guardian spirit, and found as much pleasure in watching Gilbert eat pie as he did in eating it.
A return to goodness produced each day in the tranquil and beneficent breath of the morning, causes that in respect to the love of virtue and the hatred of vice, one approaches a little the primitive nature of man, as the sprouts of the forest which has been felled.
After the germs of virtue have thus been prevented many times from developing themselves, then the beneficent breath of evening does not suffice to preserve them.
The frying-pan seemed to be held, inactive, behind the beneficent bars of the broiler.
into all abysses do I then carry my beneficent Yea-saying.
Some commission by which you can assert an authority to proceed, or by which you may claim an affinity and a communion with your fellow-workers in the same beneficent pursuits
He was continuing in this strain, when Mr Chester with a most beneficent and patronising air cut him short by saying: