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doing good

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the quality of being kind or helpful or generous

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43) The specific duty of beneficence seems to be equivalent to what Kant conceives of as practical benevolence.
Beneficence is an ethical principle grounded in the belief that one has a moral obligation to act in a way that promotes the well being of the client (Beauchamp & Childress, 1989).
Are there not issues of autonomy, beneficence, justice, respect and honesty also present?
In modern terms, writes Roberts, prudence means "taking care of yourself"; justice means "not hurting others"; and beneficence means "being good to others.
The principles of beneficence [5] and non-maleficence [6] also support the principle of patient autonomy concerning information about fees.
Beneficence refers to the ethical obligation to maximize benefits and minimize harm.
Beneficence and nonmaleficence are often regarded as paired obligations.
The Zayed Future Energy Prize, for example, a part of the ADSW, is a beneficence that promotes eco-friendly ideas across the world by funding start-ups in schools and corporates.
Beneficence is acknowledged to be an ethical obligation in the medical field to serve others and to do them no harm but our paper applies beneficence to organization management and identifies the importance of treating employees as owners and partners.
The tension between the two marches--Cynthia's personal agenda and the Reverend Martin Luther King's profound demands on human conscience--and the several deaths whose webs stretch to a mad woman's arson and self-immolation build into the explosive climax of the novel, uniting tragedy with a desperate cry for the beneficence of love.
Bowie has developed a body of work explicating what he calls "Kantian capitalism," addressing managerial ethics, moral motivation in business, corporate beneficence, meaningful work, and the natural environment.
One thing strikingly absent from her Diamond Jubilee celebrations was any publicly known beneficence from the Queen herself towards the British people.
Medical tourism has some benefits, but there are more problems with it and, as physicians, we have to keep in mind our basic principles of beneficence and non-maleficence.
Vanyo Sharkov and Hasan Ademov from arch-rivals rightist Blue Coalition and ethnic Turkish Movement for Rights and Freedoms united in an all-out rejection of euthanasia as going against the principles of beneficence in medicine.
Medical decision-making is guided by the four bioethical principles of respect for autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence and justice.