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exerting a favorable or beneficent influence

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The BENEFIC study looked at the effects of an MCT supplement only, which may not deliver all the metabolic benefits of a ketogenic diet.
While one of the women profits of some benefic familial conditions and gets on to marry and to have a modern family, the other, belonging to a traditionalist family, is married with a possessive husband who does not allow her to be herself.
Migration can be benefic for Romania, but on a determined period of time, coming home with precious information which can be benefic for the entire society, but, unfortunately, more and more Romanians choose to establish in a developed country and never come back.
hydrophila, in this study, has been effective in induce a benefic response, such as the increase in antibody titer, since this may protect fish against bacterial disease outbreak.
Potential benefic of muscarinic M3 receptor selectivity.
So building an electrical model will be benefic for our study.
If Jupiter, the so-called Greater Benefic, turns direct on the ascendant of a corporation's horoscope, will the corporation's stock price go up?
The empiricist strand in his view of perception is apparent in the emphasis he lays in poems like Tintern Abbey, The Prelude, Expostulation and Reply, and The Tables Turned on the vital role of the senses in binding up the human mind and heart with, and in attuning them to, the physical universe, which makes it possible for nature to exert its benefic influence on man's spiritual and moral development.
Recall Moses's benefic bronze serpent, nahas hannehoset (Num.
11) Saturn's influence was indeed threatening for Dante in 1296 (the probable time of writing of the petrose), a potential disaster that needed to be inverted to Saturn's more benefic influence at the time of his birth in 1265: (12)
Two-Tier Store Brands: The Benefic Impact of a Value Brand on Perceptions of a Premium Brand.
Nevertheless, by promoting cycling and walking it emphasizes the importance of moderate activities and their benefic effects on the everyday life.
The strategic aim for completing a full usage of expectancy value criteria, specifically applied within the business environment (Jiang, Adams and Jia-Upreti, 2012), is being represented by the visibility of decisional consequences matrix accuracy and its benefic usage in terms of decision making.
I his happens particularly when evidence is translated into interventions that generate benefits for all who are involved in the health process; for example, in dealing with obesity, these interventions would benefic users, the health system, food producers, and others.
First, a study realized by Fuhr and Pociask released in October 2007 by the American Consumer Institute praises the benefic impact that a widely spread use of broadband could have on the environment by cutting greenhouse gas emissions.