benefactive role

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the semantic role of the intended recipient who benefits from the happening denoted by the verb in the clause

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In (13), on the other hand, the "possessive classifier" and the "possessor" encode a nominal with benefactive role.
The "possessor" nominal may also be used on its own, without the "possessum" nominal being expressed in the same sentence, as long as the "possessive classifier" is there to encode the benefactive role of the "possessor" nominal.
Such is the case in Lenakel, in which out of the five possessive classifiers mainly the general one taha- is allowed to encode benefactive role.
In the latter languages, the possessive classifiers can only be used to encode benefactive role in the same limited set of environments in which they express possession.
There is a conceptual motivation for this in that beneficiaries can indeed be thought of as new or prospective possessors: "[t]he new possessor is in the benefactive role by virtue of his coming into possession of the possessed item" (Croft 1991: 295).