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Synonyms for benefaction

Synonyms for benefaction

a contribution of money or assistance

an act intending or showing kindness and good will


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Parvez Khan, the Chairman and Managing Director of Pacific Ventures said, "At Pacific Ventures we were looking for somebody to represent the brand while believing in the work and social ethics we follow, feeling for our CSR cause more than just a corporate formality the way we do and also standing himself as a stalwart in the arena of social philanthropy and benefaction.
Come on Cardiff Council, honour this great benefaction.
Oakeshott suggested that "a university which has power to refuse a benefaction thought to be eccentric to its character must, when it exercises that power, have some sense of its own character and identity" ([1950] 2001, 130).
Findlay's massive benefaction remained anonymous until the formal opening of the building in 1889.
Of both regal and religious significance, the shrine's direct relationship to imperial power is unique in Islamic architecture and provides valuable information about the methods of architectural benefaction prevalent in early modern Iran.
Astonishing as it may seem, this is the first full biography of David Scott Mitchell, the great Australian bibliophile and collector whose benefaction created the Mitchell Library.
The Roman philosopher Seneca, for example, spoke of instances in which a master owes gratitude to his slave when the slave provides a benefaction beyond his expected duty.
A major theme of these collected papers concerns the lay perception of the efficacy of intercession for personal salvation in relationship to the religious institutions chosen for benefaction.
4 million [pounds sterling] in 2010 prices--it was administered by the Nuffield Medical Trustees, appointed in terms of the larger 1936 benefaction to the University.
and Ruler of Dubai and was made possible through the benefaction of HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein.
So here I am, in traditional wool dressing gown and striped pyjamas, unshaven and looking I'm sure, for all the world like a children's illustration of a man in his forties sat on an early Sunday morning with a cup of coffee, awaiting the day's benefaction.
Prof Chris Day, pro-vice chancellor of Medical Sciences, said: "This sort of benefaction makes a huge difference to our ability to take forward our groundbreaking work and life-saving research in the future.
In exchange for benefaction in the shape of land grants, pensions and titles, feudals, clerics and tribal chiefs were co-opted by colonial managers to provide political stability and collect revenues.
6mt of coal a year for 40 years from the company's Grootegeluk coal mine, the largest coal benefaction site in the world.