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The middle section, which served as the film's genesis, differs markedly from the flanking ones in its cohesion and concentration, its lengthy, fixed shots, and its tone of tender domesticity, the pulverized dance music of the onboard discotheque in part 1 replaced by Beethoven at his most benedictory (the andante of his Sixth Symphony and the largo of his Second Piano Sonata).
No, it was not one of those sumptuous benedictory meals that our grandmothers and mothers used to put on to help the financial needs of their parishes during the past century.
On the inner band are two four-line lover's laments in Persian and a benedictory couplet.
After a benedictory prayer, the couple released monarch butterflies in loving memory of the groom's mother.
These plays are Phantasmal Noh and the shite is usually an old man in the first act, who returns in the second act as a powerful and benedictory god.
is taken from benedictory remarks of the pastor of the Clear Creek Missionary Baptist Church (M.
Here a very pink French (with his face fully visible) has his hand around a yellow-brown Cadmus (also clearly identifiable), while Margaret French, standing behind them, includes both in her benedictory embrace.
Moreover, the language was changed in LBW from a benedictory bestowal formula (SBH, p.