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The Benedictory Verse, the Offering of Flowers, and the samgita are in Sanskrit too.
The middle section, which served as the film's genesis, differs markedly from the flanking ones in its cohesion and concentration, its lengthy, fixed shots, and its tone of tender domesticity, the pulverized dance music of the onboard discotheque in part 1 replaced by Beethoven at his most benedictory (the andante of his Sixth Symphony and the largo of his Second Piano Sonata).
In Martini's 1475 Nativity the proximity of the infant Christ s benedictory left hand is the indicator which draws added attention to Joseph's foot; while in the paintings of Raphael and Romano the left foot of an adult who is much younger than Joseph plays this role, by virtue of its position being similar to that of Joseph's left foot.
Although we do not find in his work as many reflections on peace (at least as developed as in the Bacchylides' paean), in Suppliant Maidens (20) the chorus sings a long benedictory ode to Argos and depicts the traditional setting of a city where there is peace and wealth, the earth and the women are fertile, the young play and amuse themselves and the poets repeatedly chant thankful praises to the gods.
One is further tempted to know and realize how the word 'Madhava' has been a part and parcel of Odisha's cultural psyche and this is evident from the chanting of benedictory verses (mangalastaka) by priests of Odisha in the beginning of Vedic rituals wherein the word 'Madhava' is uttered several times.
No, it was not one of those sumptuous benedictory meals that our grandmothers and mothers used to put on to help the financial needs of their parishes during the past century.
On the inner band are two four-line lover's laments in Persian and a benedictory couplet.
After a benedictory prayer, the couple released monarch butterflies in loving memory of the groom's mother.
Suzzanne Douglas appears as a pushy Fairy Godmother and sings the show's benedictory blessing, "There's Music in You," an obscure song that has long disappeared, as has the film in which it was introduced by Mary Martin, "Main Street to Broadway.
These plays are Phantasmal Noh and the shite is usually an old man in the first act, who returns in the second act as a powerful and benedictory god.