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a newly married man (especially one who has long been a bachelor)


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But individual praise should go to experienced television actor Philip Bretherton, best known for his role as Alistair Deacon in As Time Goes By, for a great and strong performance as Benedick.
30pm Saturday matinee, PS10-PS22 Everyone knows Beatrice and Benedick were meant for each other, but - because neither will admit it - nothing seems capable of bringing these two sharp-tongued wits together.
While it's hard to beat Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson as Benedick and Beatrice from the 1993 film version, Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker come dose in their playful, chemistry-filled performances.
Modern lens flare aside, the nearest thing to trickery is watching the musing Benedick (Alexis Denisof) on a curved staircase while the camera somehow stays with him in both directions.
Beatrice and Benedick were in love, once-or, as Beatrice says of Benedick's heart, "he lent it me awhile; and I gave him use for it.
According to this Much Ado, the war is over - though not between Benedick and Beatrice
Five years later they sold their six-bedroom house, gave the money to their children, Shelley and Benedick, and set sail.
One approach, forcefully articulated by Richard Benedick (Issues, Winter 2007), would replace the seemingly fruitless quest for a unified global compact with a mix of separate efforts that might have a better chance of resulting in action.
His parents still live in Johnstown and will be in the audience on Tuesday night to watch their son play the role of Benedick in one of the Bard's more popular comedies.
The two stars will take the roles of Benedick and Beatrice, whose endless witty sparring threatens to keep them apart for ever.
But it also made his Claudio the equal in some respects to Edwards's Benedick and so the play's pivotal scenes dramatized not the usual asymmetrical induction of the fledgling Claudio by an older brother figure in Benedick but rather the c|ash of two mighty opposites.
The Japanese have surrendered, and the town of Messina, Italy, breaks out in festive celebration as one of the town's noblemen, Leonato (Steve Vineberg), welcomes friends home from the war, including Don Pedro (John Keller), and two fellow soldier friends of Don Pedro, Claudio (Danny Goodman) and Benedick (Michael Burnet).
Out of Time" follows Dante Benedick, a rock icon, as he comes to term that his ultimate destiny may not be on the stage with thousands of groupies waiting backstage.
Photographs from the 1965 expedition led us back to exactly the same sites sampled 42 years ago," said Dr Suzan Benedick, expedition member, and Universiti Malaysia Sabah entomologist.