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a newly married man (especially one who has long been a bachelor)


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But individual praise should go to experienced television actor Philip Bretherton, best known for his role as Alistair Deacon in As Time Goes By, for a great and strong performance as Benedick.
The heady, optimistic love of the young twentysomethings in Love's Labour's Lost dissipates here and instead we get the wise and world-weary cynicism of Benedick and Beatrice, who both swear they will never to get married.
Driven along by a romance all the more charming for being unacknowledged, Much Ado About Nothing is a miracle of comic and dramatic suspense and gives us, in the bantering Beatrice and Benedick, one of Shakespeare's wittiest, most lovable pair of lovers.
Infidelity, deception and mistaken identity challenge Benedick and Beatrice, making Much Ado About Nothing a spectacle of comic and dramatic suspense.
Alan Cox, far right, as Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing and, left, eavesdropping from behind a hedge
Buckley cast Beatrice (Robynn Rodriguez) and Benedick (David Kelly) as midlife former lovers too proud to admit that they still loved each other.
Like Benedick, each of the four young men (and especially Berowne) directly addressed the audience, bemoaning their romantic fates while relishing the emotion.
Suddenly betrayal becomes the theme and audience favourites Beatrice and Benedick must now work together to save the honour of an innocent girl.
Claudio, Judge Jackson Doran Hero, Lil Boi Elizabeth Ledo Don Pedro, Verges Postell Pringle Don John, Leonato, Dingleberry GQ Benedick, Borachio JQ MC Lady B, Big Jon Ericka Ratcliff DJ Adrienne Sanchez
The 38 graduates include Jessica Benedick, Amanda Cameron, James Caraveo, Tosha Cassidy, Kimberly Castaneda, Frank Castanette, Kimberly Castaneda, Tiffani Cummins, Austin Dewey, Lacee Dieter, Kristina Ford, Katrina Hixon, Shawntina Holaday-Palumbo, Glenn Kirk,
The play tells the tale of young lovers Hero and Claudio who conspire to get singletons Benedick and Beatrice together.
2) Billie Piper, left, as Hero, Damian Lewis, front, as Benedick, Sarah Parish as Beatrice and Tom Ellis bring ``Much Ado About Nothing'' into contemporary times.
Presenter Beatrice (Sarah Parish) is appalled when her ex-lover Benedick (Damian Lewis) is hired as her co-anchor - but, beneath the bickering, they are clearly made for each other.
Many of us already knew that Benedick was an accomplished scholar and diplomat.