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Synonyms for bending

having bends, curves, or angles

Synonyms for bending

movement that causes the formation of a curve

the property of being bent or deflected

the act of bending something

References in classic literature ?
echoed the matron, bending eagerly over the woman as she fell back.
She was bending eagerly over the woman to hear her reply; but drew back, instinctively, as she once again rose, slowly and stiffly, into a sitting posture; then, clutching the coverlid with both hands, muttered some indistinct sounds in her throat, and fell lifeless on the bed.
It was the beautiful young Frisian, who, seeing her father stretched on the ground, and the prisoner bending over him, uttered a faint cry, as in the first fright she thought Gryphus, whose brutality she well knew, had fallen in consequence of a struggle between him and the prisoner.
Then, Lightwood yielded his place to her quick approach, and she said, bending over the bed, with that better look: 'You mean my long bright slanting rows of children, who used to bring me ease and rest?
Mortimer gave him such stimulants as could be given him with safety (they were always at hand, ready), and bending over him once more, was about to caution him, when he said:
Contract notice for Purchase, delivery and commissioning of bending.
At a designed radius, the elements mechanically lock to form a semi-rigid curved structure that will prevent further bending.
VCQ1dfmSyH4) Report Of Bending iPhone 6 Leads To Spoof Page; Device Loses To Galaxy Note 3 In Bend Test
When contract documents don't show that field bending of embedded bars is planned, the problem is getting permission of the licensed design professional.
Summary: ISTANBUL (Cihan) - Canadian Researchers from Queen University, have developed a prototype flexible Smartphone interface that allows users to interact with applications on the phone by bending and manipulating the display.
Abstract: The paper is focused on theoretical analysis of bending process using elastic die.
An innovative wood bending technology has been developed by the University of Melbourne, within the Cooperative Research Centre for Wood Innovations, which involves the microwave softening of wood components to make them pliable for bending, the use of an automated bending machine, and microwave drying of bent furniture components.
Words from the Latin flectere have something to do with bending or curving.
A thicker circuit is going to be less tolerant to multiple bending operations than a thinner circuit.
Following are several factors one must take into account when bending flexible circuits.