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Synonyms for bending

having bends, curves, or angles

Synonyms for bending

movement that causes the formation of a curve

the property of being bent or deflected

the act of bending something

References in classic literature ?
At times we were almost dis- posed to give up, and try to content ourselves with our wretched lot; at others, we were firm and un- bending in our determination to go.
But the thought never entered his mind of profiting by this accident; he had seen from the manner in which the arm was bent, and from the noise it made in bending, that the bone was fractured, and that the patient must be in great pain; and now he thought of nothing else but of administering relief to the sufferer, however little benevolent the man had shown himself during their short interview.
It was the beautiful young Frisian, who, seeing her father stretched on the ground, and the prisoner bending over him, uttered a faint cry, as in the first fright she thought Gryphus, whose brutality she well knew, had fallen in consequence of a struggle between him and the prisoner.
So am I," said Polychrome, bending gracefully to pat Toto's head.
Early the next morning Anne awakened to find Gilbert bending over her, fully dressed, and with an expression of anxiety on his face.
I thought Rouletabille had gone mad; but, bending over the body, I quickly satisfied myself that Rouletabille was right.
It was part of my service to live in the very light of her eyes--at one time to be bending over her, so close to her bosom as to tremble at the thought of touching it; at another, to feel her bending over me, bending so close to see what I was about, that her voice sank low when she spoke to me, and her ribbons brushed my cheek in the wind before she could draw them back.
She clutched the matron by the arm, and forcing her into a chair by the bedside, was about to speak, when looking round, she caught sight of the two old women bending forward in the attitude of eager listeners.
echoed the matron, bending eagerly over the woman as she fell back.
She was bending eagerly over the woman to hear her reply; but drew back, instinctively, as she once again rose, slowly and stiffly, into a sitting posture; then, clutching the coverlid with both hands, muttered some indistinct sounds in her throat, and fell lifeless on the bed.
Mortimer repeated this to her, for it could only be made out by bending over him and closely watching his attempts to say it.
Then, Lightwood yielded his place to her quick approach, and she said, bending over the bed, with that better look: 'You mean my long bright slanting rows of children, who used to bring me ease and rest?
Mortimer gave him such stimulants as could be given him with safety (they were always at hand, ready), and bending over him once more, was about to caution him, when he said:
VCQ1dfmSyH4) Report Of Bending iPhone 6 Leads To Spoof Page; Device Loses To Galaxy Note 3 In Bend Test
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