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reproduce by the Benday process

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The text boxes and thought bubbles traditionally found in comics, along with the exaggeration and flatness of forms, the symbolic use of colors, enlarged Benday dots and of course, the visual lexicon of gesture notations explosions, swooshes and booms--are also components of the comic vocabulary incorporated by today's artists.
I informed the students that the imitation of Benday screen dots, which are used in reproducing pictures in newspapers and comic books, is a technique that is commonly found in Lichtenstein's paintings.
For example, commercial ads have Roy Lichtenstein's Pop art style, including not only the benday dots, banal subject-matter, etc.
It's a bit like the Benday dots in Roy Lichtenstein's paintings: When the dots are so enlarged, the effective illusion of the image starts dissolving.
In addition to the black outlines, primary colors, and Benday dots that characterize the artist's style, strong horizontal lines in the foreground and background suggest the rush of air streaming along the car as the couple fly down the road in chilly silence.
There's a consistency between the Pop art style of the artist and the glitzy design of the book from the "POW" on the cover to the benday dot end sheets.
First utilized by Lichtenstein to mimic mechanical printing, Benday dots would become the Pop artist's signature device, and his mirror beckons to a reflection beyond that which it depicts--a meditation on vanity, appearance, and portraiture.
By employing recognizable images from popular culture, such as Mickey Mouse (Look Mickey, 1961), and by incorporating the heavy black outlines, Benday dots and saturated primary colors of the funny papers, Roy Lichtenstein helped usher in a new visual vernacular perfectly suited to America's rapidly growing consumer culture.
From afar, the variety of patterns brought to mind the optical effects of Benday dots or a polka-dot Photoshop brush.
Have students do a rough sketch of their composition, and them recreate it by cartooning the image using the techniques present in Lichtenstein's painting, such as black outlines, primary colors and Benday dot patterns.
Finding a way to reproduce the look of benday dots in Lichtenstein's work was a difficult task for artist Greg Olmstead.
Recalling Benday dots or punch cards, the latter, more than any of the works here, channel the dumb repetitions of machines.
We see full-screen paintings, along with close-ups of a number of works by each artist: Warhol's soup cans, Thiebaud's pies, cakes and gumball machines, and Lichtenstein's enormous paintings of details seen in cartoons, all painted in his Benday dot technique.
For Sunset (black), 2013, the words SUN and SET, carved from foam and arranged one atop the other, have been silk-screened with a black-and-white pattern that looks like Benday clots or pumice stone; lit from behind, the piece stood in a raw, hallway-like slot behind the wall, framed by a neatly chopped round opening that rhymed with the floor pool.
Benday dots were made mechanically using a metal stencil in which holes were evenly spaced.