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Synonyms for bendable

capable of being bent or flexed or twisted without breaking

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Bendable Electronics/ Optoelectronics Based on Organic Nanowires/ Nanoribbons Synthesized via Chemical Approaches
Also, Apple has the existing technology to support the use of bendable materials to its devices.
Samsung is also exhibiting its revolutionary Bendable UHD TV, the world s first and largest bendable television.
Power Support engineers have developed a screen protector that is as strong and scratch resistant as tempered glass using a glass and resin mixture but is 35% thinner, flexible and bendable.
7 ( ANI ): T-Mobile and AT andT have reportedly confirmed that they will offer LG's bendable G Flex smartphone, which is said to be coated with a 'self-healing' material.
While bendable technology has been demonstrated in prototype by a number of manufacturers, confirmation of a commercially viable flexible device remains elusive.
The bendable neck and longer length also make it easier for patients to clean posterior teeth.
Hardened ultra-thin glass is scratch-resistant and bendable up to a radius of a few millimeters and doesn t show any signs of fatigue.
The new Android device is deliberately curved into a 23-degree arc, which makes it bendable and less susceptible to breaks.
The tips, available in firm and soft, are self-etching for great adhesion and bendable for precise application.
The egg cup has a bendable hammer which can be used to bash the egg.
This flexible display can be easily bendable as well as rollable.
Samsung hinted at a recent forum that people may see bendable phones in the coming year leading expectations on the upcoming S6.
The bendable capacitance probe is designed to fit in tight spaces or in vessels Nwhere obstructions prevent the installation of a straight probe.
The bendable chews can also be put on a necklace or key chain and make excellent finger fidgets.