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the property of being easily bent without breaking

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The system can be used to design new grades of bar with superior quality such as improved weldability, elongation, and bendability.
This elasticity and bendability, she argues, "highlights the open-ended quality and complexity of genderings.
Which is why the Boro lass is in the Italian city of Trieste this summer, wowing audiences with her amazing bendability.
The selection of species is important because of the differences in bendability among species.
Unlike all the other steel rules on the market, Dieflex combines improved bendability and wear resistance in a single material," explains Lane Woodsend, an engineer at Mathias Die.
3M worked to solve these challenges by developing a unique flat cable construction that minimizes the overall thickness of the cable and enhances its bendability, without sacrificing electrical performance.
The bendability of the 960 QL grades exceed the standard - a minimum bending radius of 3.
The films, only a few microns thick, offer mechanical bendability that is not possible with thicker pieces of the same material.
New experimental results from a team of scientists, including Wiggins, now support the bendability of small pieces of DNA.
All the samples FeCoNbB (FeNbB) annealed at the temperature value up to 525 K (625 K) respectively, show full bendability i.
E Ink envisions the unveiled prototypes will enable new design freedom for device makers - such as curved surfaces and bendability - while providing end users with highly portable and rugged information appliances.
Processing of Optim steels is easy thanks to good formability, bendability, and weldability.
These displays can be manufactured with thicknesses considerably thinner than 400 m and with a bendability radius of at least 15 mm.